Hiya minna! In this chapter I'll introduce the song! By the way, the song parts are written in bold italics to make things less confusing. I edited some of the lyrics to the song to make it fit in with the fanfic (imagine the song is being sung by Hiroto to Midorikawa). WARNING - From now on, there may be bad language! Anyway, enjoy~

Chapter Two - Under Pressure

"Ryuusei Blade V2!" Gran screamed, kicking the ball forcefully at the goal, but missing completely "Urgh, fuck it!"

"My, my" Came a voice from behind him, and he turned his head to see Ulvida "What's got you all wound up?"

"It's nothing" Gran murmured, getting to his feet and avoiding eye contact with the blue-haired girl

"Doesn't seem like nothing to me" She smirked, eyeing the burnt ball that was now laying on the grass about 5 metres away from the goal "It's not like you to get all worked up when you miss a shot"

"Listen, you deal with your life, I'll deal with mine" Gran replied simply, still avoiding Ulvida's azure eyes

"It's about Reize-kun isn't it?" Ulvida smirked, reading Gran's bright teal eyes expertly. At that moment, Reize was walking by the stadium and had overheard what Ulvida had said and was hiding and attempting to hear more

"How did you know?" Gran asked, glancing up to look at Ulvida's face

"I overheard you and Kenzaki talking" Ulvida replied, a tone of worry mixed into her voice

"So you know about me having to win all my matches, otherwise Reize'll be hurt?" Gran asked her, his gaze sinking to the floor again

"You must be under pressure" Ulvida said, her eyes softening in worry

"I have to win" Gran muttered, closing his eyes tight and clenching his fists "I can't let them hurt Reize!" Reize gasped upon hearing this, Gran cared about him? And was doing all of this, putting himself through so much pain for him?


Gran was now alone on the field again, and was making constant failed attempts to score.

"This is for you, Reize..." Gran whispered to himself "It's all for you..."

It's you, it's you~

It's all for you~

Everything I do~

I told you all the time~

'Heaven is a place on Earth with you'~

Tell me everything you want to do~

I heard you like the bad boys~

Honey, is that true?~

I'll re-make myself for you!~

Cuz Earth is a place God built for 2~

It's only worth living if somebody...~

Is loving you~

And Reize, I love you...

To be continued...

I hope you guys enjoyed chapter two!

Song - Video Games

Artist - Lana Del Rey

Lyrics - Edited by me~

Lana Del Rey - Video Games LYRICS04:01

Lana Del Rey - Video Games LYRICS

Video Games - Lana Del Rey (Here's the beautiful song, with lyrics on screen)

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 18:51, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

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