Arakune (Continuum Shift, Character Select Artwork)

Twisted Dreams' First form

Twisted is Noah's corrupted Keshin. It was first unleashed when Noah fought in a match between his team & a team from his world. After Noah saw the player (Which he recognized as failed specimen & almost undeads), it started to awaken along with Noah's madness. It takes the form of a black blob monster.

First Form

In this form, Twisted Dreams have a skeleton arm stiking out from his back & several black stars sign on his body. It works to fasten Mad Noah's awakening.

Second/True Form

In this from, Twisted Dreams looks like a ball of blob with several features sticking out of his body. The features are a skeleton arm, a white stone face blindfolded with a piece of white cloth (with a black stars sign on it), an opened zipper that reveals many moving eyes (white, green, bluw & red) & a wooden small door with chains on it. With this form, it can delivers many devastating Hissatsu that can even injures people. Twisted Dreams can only enter this form when Mad Noah is awakened.


  1. In its first, it looks like Arakune of Blazblue.

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