Inazuma Eleven Re-mix: Soccer, Hearts, and Souls
Inazuma Eleven
Alternative Title Inazuma Eleven Remix
Genre Adventure, Mystery, Humour, drama etc.
Date Published 17 June' 2013
There are certain animes which don't get out of your mind even after a long time. The Inazuma Eleven series is one of them.


This is a new series of fanfictions, by ANIMEFREAK01. Soul, a student at the Raimon Jr. High, helps Endou and others to save the world from falling into evil hands. It has everything: Adventurre, comedy, tragedy, action and so on! I hope you'll enjoy it. The first chapter will be released here very soon. It's quite unique, and is a cross-over. Plus, it's suitable for everyone. Most of you will be able to see your favourite characters in action!

Who can read: It's fine for everyone to read.


  1. Ch.1
  2. Ch.2


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