Episode 1:

     The first day

Vulcano's mom: Here is our new house,honey!

Vulcano: Okay,okay. The house...I don't care...I wanna go at the school, to join a soccer club.

Vulcano's Mom: Oh,come on. You will go tomorow.

Vulcano: NO! I WANNA GO NOW!

Vulcano's Mom :Oh...very well then.

At Legend School:

Principal: So,what is your name,boy!

Vulcano: Vulcano! Vulcano Rakkeyu!

Principal: I see...

Vulcano: I wanna join the soccer club! Legend Storm! I heard that a player from the team left because he moved in another city, have a free spot now.

Principal: Go on the pitch! Darkeru Vorta, the captain of the team will test you.

On the pitch:

Darkeru: think you can join?

Vulcano: Why not?

Darkeru: I don't know .Are you strong enough?

Vulcano: Well,...I guess. But you have to test me,right?

Darkeru: I will test you. But I warn you. You don't look like a good guy at soccer.

????: Test him!He is good!

Darkeru: Who said that?

Matt: Me! Captain! Test him!

Vulcano: M....MATT???!?!?!!?

Matt: Hi,Vulcano! Long time no see.

Vulcano: are a member of Legend Storm?

Matt: Yep! I'm glad we've got to meet again. When I moved 1 year ago, I thought we'll never meet again.

Darkeru Did you ended your disscusion? I need to test someone here! So,Valcako,what position you wanna play?

Vulcano :My name is VULCANO! And I want midlefielder!

Darkeru: Humph...very well. Then,try to pass trough me!

Vulcano: Uh...I'll try.... 

Matt: Do it,Vulcano! You can do it!

Vulcano: I can do it....okay! Here I go! MEGA RUSH!!!!

Matt: !!!

Darkeru: !!!! W..WHAT?

Vulcano :I....I DID IT!

Darkeru:That was a....Hissatsu? Humph...very SOME football skills. I guess your in..


Vulcano: I DID IT!

Matt: You did it !Here. Let's introduce you to the others.

In the club room:

Matt: Minna! This is our new midlefielder,Vulcano Rakkeyuu! Vulcano! Those are:Lazton Murukai!Sazoru Fuya!Jale Cage!Dorick Ermon!Selena Rengeke!Darkeru Vorta!Zanark Kai!Sikora Zan and Ezoru Teruba!

Everyone:Hello Vulcano,and WELCOME!

Unkown place

So.. has it started Master?

???(2): Yes.. things are now in motion

???(1): I thought you'd say that!!!