Mika: Konichiwa, minna~

Livi: Nee-san finally posted chapter 9!!

Mika: Gomen about not posting new Truth or Dare chapters for ages, I've been working on my other fanfics, doing the stupid amount of homework Mr. Daniels sets us, plus I have to rehearse our school show - Mamma Mia!

Aphrodi: So that's why you had all the words!

Mika: Yeah, it's like hell...I've got a main-ish part - a cleaner.

Burn & Fudou: *snigger*

Mika: *shoots with Easter Egg bakooza* Anyone else?

IE cast: *gulp*

Mika: Thought so.

Teres: Where did you get thing from anyway?

Hiroto: Yeah, I've never seen you use it before

Mika: I'm going for the Easter effect~ I also got presents for Burn, Fudou, Aki, Haruna, Natsumi, Fuyuka, Kidou, Gouenji, Yuuka and Fubuki!

Fudou: I don't like where this is going...

Mika: *yanks everyone listed into a room and comes back out with them 5 mins later*

All (other than everyone listed): *burst out laughing*

This is why they're laughing -

TOD Easter Dressup - Gouenji

Gouenji - Bunny XD

TOD Easter Dressup - Girls

Haruna - Bear. Natsumi - Bunny. Aki - Chick. Fuyuka - Bunny.

TOD Easter Dressup - Yuuka

Yuuka - Bunny, who doesn't love bunnies?!

Gouenji: Dressing the girls as bunnies - fair enough. But seriously!! I'm a 14-year-old BOY dressed as a friggin' bunny!!

Kidou: *dressed as bunny with purple ears* I agree!

Aki: *dressed as chick* I like it~

Fuyuka: These bunny ears are kawaii!!

Endou: Why is Haruna-chan a bear?

Mika: Well, I didn't want to have too many bunnies, so I asked Kelsea (my onee-san) what other animals represent Easter. She replied with bunnies, birds, sheep, chicks, chikens and bears. I thought Haruna would look kawaii as a bear so I picked that~

Burn: *dressed as chicken* I hate you, Mika-chan!

Yuuka: *giggles* These fuzzy ears tickle~

All: Awww~

Fudou: *dressed as bear* Can we get to the dares?

Mika: Sure~

4. i dare goenji and endou to be in a eating contest food of choice is: RICE BALLS yeah!!! winner will be awarded to fakely wedd ther lovers ( have to be done).

5. last dare: i dare hiroto to break dance!!!.

Aki: So these are the ones we didn't do?

Mika: Yup, hope you guys are hungry! *gives loads and loads and loads of rice balls* Eat up~

Gouenji: *eats as fast as possible*

Endou: *eats stupidly fast*

All: O.O

Midorikawa: I wish I was doing an eating contest...

Gouenji: *speeds up*

Endou: *speeds up even more and eats 35 riceballs per minute*

Gouenji: *stops* Urgh, how do you eat so much?

Endou: *swallows* Dunno

Gouenji: I'm gonna go puke... *runs to door*

Mika: Onii-chan's bathroom is 3 door on the left!

Livi: Why'd you tell him where onii-chan's bathroom was and not your's?

Mika: Cuz I don't want Gouenji puking in my bathroom!

Livi: Fair enough

Mika: Alright Endou! Who's the lucky lady?

Endou: *blushes* Natsumi...

Natsumi: *blushes*

Mika: Wow, and this is actualy gonna happen in 10 years...

Endou: Say what?

Mika: Nothing!

Endou: Okaaaayy...

Rococo: I'm guessing I'm the vicar?

Mika: Uh huh~

Rococo: Raimon Natsumi, do you take this boy blah blah blah...

Natsumi: I do

Rococo: Endou Mamoru, do you take this girl blah blah blah...

Endou: I do

Rococo: You can now make out, Im'ma go get some food...

Endou & Natsumi: *kiss*

All: Ooohh~

Aki: Aww...she got there before I could...

Fuyuka: *sad face* I kinda wanted to marry Mamoru...

Mika: Next dare~ Hiroto-kun?

Hiroto: Are you really gonna make me do this Mikachu?

Mika: Sorry, but yup~ *plays music on laptop*

Hiroto: *breakdances really well*

Mika: Wao! You're a natural, Hiroto-kun!

Hiroto: *blushes and finishes*

Livi: And now Mika's gonna sing us out with the English version of Seishun Oden, the 1st Inazuma Eleven ending *plays music*


My little heart can't take no more~

You must know because it's sore~

You've made me feel so sad~

Because I need you bad~

I cannot taaake iiit~

I'va had enooouugh~

I've had enooouugh~

You never blush or look away~

When I~

Walk right by your side~

You don't know what to say~




Hope you enjoyed, the next chapter will be up soon~


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