Mika: Yā! ! Shinjitsu ka chōsen ka 8-ban e yōkoso! Subete no fikushon 1 kono fan o tanoshinde iru negatte i

Endou: Say what now?

Livi: She's speaking Japanese again

Fudou: I found it creepy you could say 'farewell guys, see you again' let alone whatever you just said

Brun: What the hell did you say anyway?

Mika: I said - Hiya! Welcome to truth or dare number 8! Hope you're enjoying this fan fiction!

Dylan: How do you know how to say that?! I know you're not Japanese, so how do you know that much?

Mika: I watch Inazuma Eleven constantly in Japanese with subs, I pick up a lot.

Teres: And Livi, how do you know how to speak French?

Livi: I guess I'm just really amazing~

Mika: ¬_¬ She uses Google Translate

Teres: *smirks* Cheater!

Livi: Hmph! You use Google Translate too, nee-san!

Mika: Only sometimes!

Mark: Let's move onto the dares

Mika: Sure. These are from Inazuma11 fangirl123. Sorry about not finishing your dares Kotoni-chan, I'll finish them off as soon as I finish all of Onigiri-chan's dares. Anyway, here they are~

i have some!! ok here are the dares:

1. i dare sakuma to go out with haruna.

2. i dare kidou fudou and sakuma to dress up as penguins and dance to carmeldassen

3. i dare fideo and kazemaru race! whoever is the winner is awarded to kiss there lover ( if they want).

4. i dare goenji and endou tobe in a eating contest food of choice is: RICE BALLS yeah!!! winner will be awarded to fakely wedd ther lovers ( have to be done).

5. last dare: i dare hiroto to break dance!!!.

well thats all please choose my dares big fan bye bye!!! XD

Fudou: Wow... Someone actually likes this c***?!

Mika: *smacks Fudou in the face* First dare~

Sakuma: YES!!!

Haruna: *blushes*

Kidou: I do NOT agree with this dare!

Mika: Well screw you, we're doing it!

Kidou: O.O

Mika: Off you go Sakuma-kun, Haruna-chan~

Sakuma: Where are we gonna go?

Mika: The place we always go on dates - the random posh resteraunt next door!

Haruna: But-

Mika: *pushes Sakuma and Haruna out* I put in a webcam so we can watch them~

At the Random Posh Resteraunt Next Door (Yes, that's actually the name of the resteraunt ¬_¬)

Sakuma: Erm...

Haruna: *giggles*

Sakuma: *looks into Haruna's eyes*

Haruna: *looks into Sakuma's eyes*

Both: *kiss each other*

Back at Mika's house

Hiroto: Well that was fast...

Kidou: Grrrrrrr...

Mika: dare...

Fudou: I am not, I repeat, NOT, under ANY circumstances going to do that!

5 mintues later...

Sakuma, Fudou and Kidou are all dressed as penguins dancing to the caramelldancen.

Mika: *films with cell-phone*

All: *film with cell-phones*

Ulvida: It is ridiculous how much dirt we got on these guys!

Fudou: Can we stop now?

Mika: Well, Onigiri-chan didn't say how long you have to do it for, but I say you should do it for the rest of the chapter! Next dare~

Fidio: Why do I have to race Kazemaru-kun? He's way faster than me!

Mika: I reckon Onigiri-chan based that dare on episode 85 when you're shown to be really agile and fast

Fidio: I'm only agile and fast compared to Mamoru

Endou: HEY!

Mika: Onto the race!

Kazemaru and Fidio race, and of course, Kazemaru wins!

Mika: Okay Kazemaru-kun, you get to kiss your crush! Who's it gonna be?

Kazemaru: *blushes*

Mika: Come on, who is it?

Kazemaru: If I was a girl, then it'd be Endou...


Mika: Oh I am loving this!

All: o.O

Mika: Erm, I'll finish this chapter later...

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