Mika: Hello, hello people of Earth and beyond!

Livi: Bonjour les gars! bienvenue à la septième ou la vérité dare!

Endou: Huh?

Mika: Onee-san! Stop speaking French, it's annoying!

Livi: You speak Japanese all the time!

Mika: It doesn't count!

Livi: Why not?

Mika: Cuz Japan is awesome! End of story!!

Livi: Hmph!

Endou: What'd she say anyway?

Mika: Bonjour les gars! Bienvenue à la septième ou la vérité dare! Means - Hello guys! Welcome to the seventh Truth or Dare!

Endou: I'm not gonna ask how you know that...

Mika: Onto the dares, these are from my best fanfic friend, Kotoni~x!

I got some!!!! ok lets start...

1: I dare Endou to eat a whole 3 course meal made by Natsumi (And everyone knows shes a bad cook!).

2: I dare Fudou and Burn to go out on the street and act like babies infront of everyone.

3: I dare Mika and Hiroto to go on a date (Uvilda and Hitokimo has to watch them).

4: I dare Fubuki to dance to his character song: Ice Road,

5: I dare Megane to be a ballet dancer for 5 minutes.

6: I dare Kidou and Sakuma to fight over a penguin plushie.

Natsumi: I AM NOT A BAD COOK! Right Endou-kun? *puppy dog eyes*

Endou: Y-yeah, Natsumi-chan's a greeeeaaaaat cook...

Natsumi: *pleased grin* I'll get cooking~ *leaves*

Endou: Oh dear God help me!

Hiroto: Is she really that bad?

All: Yes!!

Gouenji: I hope you survive Endou

Kidou: I really feel sorry for you

Endou: *gulp*

Natsumi: Doonneee~ *walks in with a tray of delicous-looking food*

Hiroto: *whispers to Gouenji* That doesn't look too bad

Gouenji: *whispers* It looks good, but the taste can't be put into words...

Endou: What is it?

Natsumi: The starter is onigiri!

Endou: Oh god...*sees Natsumi's sad face* Oh god that looks delicous!!

Natsumi: Yippee! Eat up!

Endou: *reluctantly eats*

Natsumi: How is it?

Endou: S-saaalllllttttyyyyy...

Natsumi: I've really got to work on measurments and amounts...

All: *sweatdrop*

Mika: As soon as Endou-kun gains consiousness, we'll make him eat the next course, but for now - Next dare~

Fudou: NO WAY!

Burn: In your dreams!

Mika: Guess it's the fangirl room for you two then...

Fudou & Burn: Meep, we'll do it!

  • all walk outside and Burn and Fudou walk into the middle of the street and sit on the sidewalk*


Mika: *records with cell-phone*

All: *do same*


Hiroto: *sniggers*

Gazelle: *laughs head off*

Aphrodi: O.o

Kidou: *evil smirk* This is SO going on YouTube!

Sakuma: Mmh Hmm!

Genda: Best revenge EVER!

Mika: I'm gonna be able to blackmail these guys for years!


Random lady: Aww, you two are so sweet~ Do you want some lollipops?

Burn: *grabs lollipop*

Fudou: *blushes and grabs lollipop*

Random lady: Where are your mama and papa? Are you two lost? Awww~ Don't worry, I'll take care of you for a little while till your parents call! *grabs Burn and Fudou and drags home*

Fudou: *mouths* I'm gonna kill you, Mika-chan!

Mika: *evil smirk* Let's go feed Endou some more~

All: *go inside*

Endou: Eek! *jumps out window*

Mika: He does know we're on the 10th floor, right?

All: Nope

Mika: *facepalm* We'll continue with your dares next chapter, Kotoni~x-chan, sorry about only getting to dare number 2.


Mika: The next chapter link will be here when I finsih it~

HirotoObsessedFangirlXD 20:04, March 14, 2012 (UTC)

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