Mika: Hey guys!

Livi: I thought you got arrested for beating Fudou up

Mika: Nope, I reminded the police of Fudou brainwashing Sakuma and Genda and making them practically kill themselves, and they agreed that Fudou was an a**hole and let me go :)

Jayke: Moving on...

Ace: Onto ze darez!!

Mika: Just to remind you guys, you can post your own truths and dares in the comments, please do!!

Jocelyn: These are from me and Ace!!

1: We dare Aphrodi, Kazemaru, Fubuki, Midorikawa, Gazelle, Sakuma and Hiroto to crossdress as girls (cuz we didn't do it last time)

2: We dare Sakuma, Fudou and Tachimukai to kiss Haruna, and Kidou has to watch, and not interferre!!

3: We dare Hiroto and Ulvida to pretend to get married, Hitomiko MUST be invited!!

4: After the wedding, we dare Hiroto and Ulvida to have twin toddler sons - Burn and Gazelle!!! And Hitomiko must be invited over to their house for a dinner cooked by Ulvida!

5: We dare Mika to make all the IE boys watch the worst shows she can imagine!

Aphrodi: Oh COME ON!!! We got out of doing it last time, so you make us do it again!!!!!

Mika: *evil grin* Makeover time!!!


All the boys walk in in their normal clothes.

Mika: They wouldn't keep the clothes on, but I got pictures!!

All: *look through pictures and laugh head off*

Gazelle: You're an evil, evil little girl Mika-chan

Mika: *smirks*

Livi: Next dare~

Kidou: NO, NO, NO, NO ,NO ,NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

Mika: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES WAY!!!!~

Haruna: *blushes*

Fudou: *kisses Haruna*

Kidou: grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Sakuma: *kisses Haruna*

Kidou: *stares at Sakuma in disbelief*

Sakuma: *shrugs* it was a dare

Tachimukai: *blushes and kisses Haruna lightly*

Haruna: *blushes*

Mika: *smiles* Next~

Hiroto & Ulvida: WHAT?!

Jocelyn: You two have to get married~

Hiroto: *looks at Mika* You don't mind, right? It's not real

Mika: *smiles* It's fine

Hiroto: *smiles* Okay then

Livi: I'll call Hitomiko~


Mika: Come iiiinnnn~

Hitomiko: What's this urgent thing I need to see?

Mika: Your brother's getting married!

Hitomiko: WHAT?! O.o

Hiroto: *walks in in tuxedo and waves at Hitomiko*

Hitomiko: Are you people SERIOUS?!?!

Hiroto :No, it's fake, it was a dare

Hitomiko: A dare?

Burn: This freaky girl trapped us all in her house and is making us do truth or dare everyday!!!

Mika: Hi~ I'm the girl that's torturing the IE cast~

Hitomiko: *smiles* She seems nice enough to me

Burn: WHAT?!

Jocelyn: Let's start the wedding!!

Mika: *plays wedding music on laptop*

Ulvida: *walks across room in a pretty dress*

Endou: Where'd the dress come from?

Mika: It's mine, wreck it - I'll kill you, got that?

Ulvida: *nods*

Rococo: How come I'M the vicar?

Mika: Cuz you're the only guy who can remember the marriage vows and pronounce them properly

Rococo: *sighs* Do you, Kiyama Hiroto, take this girl to be your lawfully wedded wife, till death do you apart?

Hiroto: I do

Rococo: Do you, Ulvida...erm...

Mika: What's wrong?

Rococo: I don't know Ulvida's full name

Ulvida: Use my real name, Yagami Reina

Mika: Soon to be Kiyama Reina~

Ulvida: *blushes*

Rococo:*clears throat* Do you, Yagami Reina, take this boy to be your lawfully wedded husband till death do you apart?

Ulvida: I do

Rococo: You may, erm, kiss the bride

Hiroto: erm *pretends to kiss Ulvida*

Ulvida: *pretends to kiss Hiroto*

Dylan: What was that?!

Teres: You gotta kiss the girl!

Hiroto:I can't, my girlfriend's sat right there

Mika: *blushes*

Hitomiko: Okay, can I go now?

Mika: Not yet, you have to stay for a lovely dinner cooked by Mrs Kiyama, and you can eat with the family!

Hitomiko: 'The family'?

Ulvida: Yeah, these are our kids, Burn and Gazelle

Burn: grrr....

Gazelle: This is idiotic...


Burn: Argh! erm, mwe want mwy Barbie dowwy!!!

Gazelle: *sniggers*

Burn: *throws Barbie at Gazelle*

Gazelle: WAAAAAAAAA!!! Mama, Dada, he hit mwe!!!

Ulvida: Play nicely you two!

Mika: This is so disturbing...

Hitomiko: Anyway, you can cook Ulvida?

Ulvida: erm, no, I can't

Mika: Don't worry, I'll help~

They both walk into the kitchen. A little later they both walk out with trays and trays of food.

Gazelle: What fwor fwood?

Ulvida: Onigiri!

Mika: And we made some for everyone!


Tsunami: 'is is so g'd!

Toramaru: Gross! Don't talk with your mouth full!

Mika: Lol, the little kid telling the teen what to do!

Toramaru: *pleased grin*

After dinner.

Mika: Come on guys, time to watch some TV! *leads the boys into the lounge*

Mika: *walks out again*

Fudou: ARRRRGGGHHH! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!

Livi: What'd you make them watch?

TV: Choo, choo, I'm a really useful engine!

Mika: *evil grin* Thomas the Tank Engine, and after that, Dora The Explorer~

TV: I'm a really useful engine!

Burn: No your not, your a friggin' annoying c****y animation!!!!

All of the people outside: *laugh head off*

Mika: Here's chapter 6 -, sayonara minna, mata ne!!

HirotoObsessedFangirlXD 20:10, March 14, 2012 (UTC)

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