Mika: Hi~~

Livi: *sweatdrop* You're still so spaced-out from the last chapter

Mika: Have you ever noticed how beautiful Kiyama-kun's eyes are~?

All (excpet Hiroto): *sweatdrop*

Hiroto: You're eyes are cuter than mine~

All: (except Mika) *pretend to puke*

Ulvida: grrrrrrrrrr....

Midorikawa: erm, Ulvida-chan?

Ulvida: grrrrr...

Midorikawa: *evil grin* I think we should finish off the final dare from last time

Burn: You mean Mika and Ulvida have to have a soccer match?

Midorikawa: Yup!

Mika: Fine by me!

Jayke: And she's back...

Ulvida: It's on!

Everyone goes onto the soccer pitch and Mika and Ulvida begin their match!

Mika: FUYU YUKI! (one of her hissatsus, it means 'Winter Luck/Winter Snow') *shoots*

Hiroto: GOAL!!!!!

Ulvida: No way!!!!

Mika: Yes way!!

Ulvida: You'll regret that you b****!!

Fudou: Ooooh~ Gettin' feisty!

Ulvida: *glares*

Fudou: *gulp*

The end of the match

Hiroto: *blows wistle* Full Time!! Mika WINS!!

Mika: In your FACE!!!!!

Ulvida: F*** you!!!

Fudou: Ooooohhh~

Ulvida: Shut your fat face you bench-warmer!

Kidou: *smirk*

Sakuma: *laughs*

Fudou: *launches self at Sakuma*


Mika: *jumps on Fudou and starts kickin his ass*

All: O.o

Kidou: *gets out cell phone and records*

Sakuma: *does same*

All: *get cell phones out and record*

Mika: Don't you dare touch Sakuma-kun!!! *unties ribbon in hair and starts whipping Fudou*

Fudou: Ow!-Yeowch!-Eek!-Yelp!-Meep!

Hiroto: Erm, we gotta go now guys...


Fudou: Meep!

Mika: Next chapter's here - ! *jumps on Fudou*

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