Mika: Wattup party people!?

Jayke: Here's the third TRUTH OR DARE!!!!

Candy: We're still doing our own dares, but please post some of your own, no matter how random, insane or stupid!

Angel: These dares are from Me, Candy and Livi!

1: We dare Hiroto and Mika to go on a date, kissing required!!

2: We dare Mika to get all the boys drunk, then put each of them in a room with a girl of her choice, but she has to go in with Aphrodi, Hiroto and Sakuma!

3: We dare Kazemaru, Aphrodi, Midorikawa, Sakuma, Fubuki and Hiroto to crossdress as girls! Plus they all have to act really girly!

4: We dare Hiroto, Burn, Gazelle, Midorikawa and Ulvida to dance to 'Doctor Coconut' from Phineas and Ferb, with coconut bikinis, grass skirts, ukuleles and stethescopes! Plus Saginuma, Hitomiko and Kii have to watch!!

5: We dare Ulvida and Mika to have a soccer match, whoever wins is Hiroto's girlfriend!

Hiroto & Mika: *blush*

Midorikawa: Have fun! *pushes them outside*


Hiroto and Mika walk in.

Midorikawa: How'd it go?

Hiroto & Mika: *smile*

Hitomiko: Did anything happen? *stern face*

Hiroto: Yup, I can now do this - *makes out with Mika*

All: !!!

Burn: Oh

Gazelle: My

Burn & Gazelle: God!!

Livi: Let's move on before you two swallow each other

Hiroto: Not done yet

Mika: *smiles*

Hitomiko: Either quit it,or take it to the bedroom

Hiroto & Mika: *walk into bedroom and lock door*

All: O.o

Candy: We'll skip out on this dare cuz Mika and Hiroto are...busy

Jocelyn: Eulch!

Ace: Do you ever do anything other than be groosed out, bro?

Jocelyn: I do, but it's kinda hard not to get grossed out by the things that go on in Mika's house.

Livi: Moving on...

Jayke: I don't think Nii-san'll want to miss out on these dares, let's finish them next time

Angel: Yeah, see you guys next time!


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