Mika: Yay~ I finally got chapter 12!

Livi: About time! We've been waiting for ages!!

Mika: Anyway, Onigiri-chan is now joining as permanent as well!

Onigiri: Heehee! You'll never get rid of me!!!

IE cast: meep....

Ace: Let's get to the dares

Mika: One second! More announcements!

All: *groan*

Mika: Does anyone know what day it is?

Dylan: Sunday?

Mika: *facepalm* Anyone else?

All: *confused look*

Mika: Omg....IT'S FRIGGIN' EASTER!!!!!!

All: Ohhhhh...

Mika: *facepalm* Bakas...

Burn: Honestly, you're 13 and you're still celebrating Easter...

Mika: *shoots with chocolate bunny bakooza*

Burn: I take it back!

Livi: What is with you and bakoozas?

Mika: Dunno, they're fun and they look bad-ass XD

Livi: *sweatdrop* Anyway, onto the dares...

Mika: First we're gonna do Ai-kun's last dare, cuz I forgot it last time~

Rococo: And what would that dare be?

Aiden: I dare Dylan, Mark and Shirou to dress up like wolves and howl!

Dylan: Say what?!

Mark: You're kidding!

Shirou: No WAY am I doing that!

Mika: *drags Dylan, Mark and Shirou to dressing room*

5 minutes later~

Mika: *drags Dylan, Mark and Shirou out of the dressing room*

Dylan: *dressed and dark-blue wolf* You just shattered my pride into a million pieces...

Mika: No you did that in you're first appearance - you and Mark held hands, jumped up and down and said 'Yahoo!~'

Mark & Dylan: *sweatdrop and sheepish smile*

Shirou: *dressed as red and gray wolf* So now we howl?

Mika: One sec *pulls rope and wooden painted moon comes down down from ceiling*

Gouenji: Where did you...?

Mika: Howl!

Mark: *shudder and howls*

Dylan: meep! *howls*

Shirou: *howls*

Mika: Next~

6.Rematch for Aki:5-star match!Mark and Dylan join!

7.I dare Kiyama Hiroto to travel in time,kissing the real child Hiroto,and travel back!

I have some!! Here are the dares:

1. I dare fudou to eat ten carrots! if he fails he will be put in the fan girl closet

.2. I dare atsuya and shirou to have a snowball fight!! the winner can not be involve in the next 2 chapters BUT!! the loser wil have to eat natsumi's cooking( she is a bad cook ).

3. I dare Kidou to ice skate like a girl.

4. i dare kazemaru to karaoke with ahprodi to mamamia.

5. Last one i dare Ichinose to kiss aki for five minets

Mika: Gomen, but these dares will be spread out over two chapters cuz there's loads! Right, first dare~

Domon, Ichinose, Mark, Nishigaki and Dylan fight. Ichinose wins once again.

Mark: *pant* How the *pant* hell do you *pant* do that?!

Ichinose: Dunno, if anyone needs me, don't need me. *leaves with Aki*

Hiroto: So I have to invent time travel, kiss my dead brother, then come back?

Aiden: Yup~

Hiroto: How the *BEEP* am I gonna do that?!

Mika: *pulls another rope to reveal a time machine*

All: O.O

Burn: It's official - you're house is friggin' insane and amazing!

Mika: Off you go, Hero-kun~

Hiroto: *steps inside time machine*

Mika: *plays elevator music on laptop*

Midorikawa: Two questions - 1. Why the hell have you downloaded elevator music?! 2. why are you playing it?!

Livi: She does it whenever we're waiting for something

Teres: I guess it's better than awkward silence...

Hiroto: *comes back*

Mika: How'd it go?

Hiroto: He looked completely scared out of his wits when someone who looks just like him but older went up to him, kissed him, then got into a time machine!

Mika: So it went pretty well?

Hiroto: *facepalm*

Mika: Hihi~ Next dare~

Kira: It was pretty insane but since I now know who it was, there's a little bit of logic.

Aiden: Ha~

Mika: Best dare yet!

Fudou: I am NOT eating that rabbit food!

Mika: *stuffs carrots down Fudou's throat*

Fudou: *spits out* Eurch!

Mika: *throws into fangirl closet*


Sakuma: I didn't even know Fudou fangirls existed...


Fangirls: KYAAAA~ FUDOU-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mika: *evil smirk* Next~

Atsuya: How are we supposed to do this? We don't have snow!

Livi: Do you still have that snow machine, nee-san?

Mika: No, Tatsuko (my real-life best friend) borrowed it for one reason or another

Livi: Okay, we'll skip that one

Mika: Next~

Kidou: NO WAY!

Mika: *drags Kidou to ice-rink room (yes, she has one!)*

Kidou: *ice skates and falls over*

All: *laugh head off* XD

Kidou: *gets up and falls flat on face again*

Mika: XD next dare~

Aphrodi: Not again!

Kazemaru: Oh dear god...

Mika: *gives words and plays music on laptop*


I've been cheated by you

Since I don't know when


So I made up my mind -

It must come to an end!


Look at me now!

Will I ever learm?

I don't know how


But I suddenly lose control

There's a fire within my soul!


One more look and I'll forget everything!


Just one look and I can hear a bell ring!



Mamma Mia!

Here I go again!

My, my how could I resist you?

Mamma Mia!

Does it show again?

My, my just how much I missed you!

(2 minutes of songs you never wanted to hear again later)

Gazelle: Oh my god, I'm glad that's over!

All: Uh huh!

Mika: Well, that's all we've got time for~ Mata ne, minna~ Tune in next time!


Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 10:49, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

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