Livi: Hi, minna! Welcome to the 11th ToD!

Fudou: Hey, where's that freak you call a sister?

Mika: *walks in* Here I am~ And you better run now, Fudou!

Fudou: *runs*

Mika: Good, now let's get this show on the road!

Endou: What dares are there?

Mika: I got a few announcments first~

All: *groan*

Mika: Urusai, minna! First of all, please welcome Ai-kun~

Aiden: Hi!

Mika: And Onigiri-chan~

Onigiri: *jumps through window* Hiya~


Gazel: *sniggers* Burn's scared of a girl~

Mika: Onigiri-chan asked to guest star again, so I thought why not? So here she is~

Dylan: And the guy?

Mika: Ai-kun is joining in the ToD fanfics permanently from today~

Aiden: Can't wait!

Mika: And also to tell all the readers - He is willing to participate in dares! So if you post dares, don't be afraid to dare him! And also this fanfic is TRUTH and dare! I'll accept truths as well!

Burn: Are you done with the stupid announcements now?

Mika: Hmph, yes I am! These are the dares~

Aiden: I forgot to put these dares on my last ones, so Mikachu offered to do them now!

Mika: Here they are~

4.I dare Endou Kanon and Gouenji Masato to go on a date!

5.I dare Shirou,Ichinose,Mark Kruger and Dylan Keith to dress up like wolves and howl!

Endou: Who's Endou Kanon?

Gouenji: Who's Gouenji Masato?

Mika: You're future relatives~

Endou & Gouenji: HUH?!

Kanon: *walks in* Hi!!! I'm from the future!!

All: O.O

Masato: *walks in* Can we get this over with?

Mika: You have to go on a date with the weirdo next to you~

Masato: *looks at Kanon* PLEASE NO!

Mika: *pushes both outside*


Masato & Kanon: *walk in holding hands, smiling and laughing*

Mika: Aww~ Didn't I say I was a good matchmaker, hmm, Onii-chan, Onee-san?

Livi: To be honest, I doughted you.

Jayke: I'm impressed!

Mika: *yawn* I really can't be bothered to write any more. Gomen about the short, suckish chapter minna! I'll make chapter 12 better!


Beleiving you are wind, written in the stars forever, soaring together forever more... 21:56, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

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