"Inazuma Eleven: Connections From the Future; the Ogre Army! Only Time Will Tell!" Is a fanfic, based on the first Inazuma Eleven movie.


Soccer leaves a new page in history every time, spans throughout the generations. Could something like that possibly be harmful for everyone's future? As soon as Endou, Rese and Aki start the soccer club, they're in for a big surprise! A group of people, called the "Ogre Army" makes its way from the future, with their mission; "To eliminate soccer for good." Friends and allies from the present and future come as one to save soccer and pick up the pen and continue on writing on history's pages! It's definitley a race through time and a story to be passed on to the generations to come!


This fanfic is open to OCs and to other users, therefore, OCs will be accepted!


Chapter 1: "Twists and Turns!- The Adventure Begins!"

Raimon's soccer club gains more members, for the upcoming Teikoku match. However, some people seem to be watching from the sidelines? Exactly who are they?


(Unfinished Page, and the title's unofficial, sorry!)

You're all welcome to join us!~

Hungry4ramen 01:56, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

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