Ice-Wind Warrior is a fanmade Keshin made by Piper and used by Rese Hanikamiya. It wields the element of Wind; contrasting to its counterpart, [Galactica Flame]].

Ice-Wind Warrior


Rese Hanikamiya



Keshin Hissatsu:

Snowstorm Blizzard [KH]

Dub Name:

Warrior of Wind

Info and Appearance

Another one of Rese's 2 Keshin. It wields the element of Wind. This Keshin contains many shades of blue, from dark, to light. It is solely made of ice and it is quite hollow. It has 3 small ice pillars on its head, which emit electricity, and an ice shield with an ice sword. It's lower body isn't exactly physical, more of aura, or smoke from ice. It looks somewhat like a warrior, which comes from its name. It has dark red colored eyes. (For more info, see the picture.)
Ice-wind warrior

The Keshin


A huge gust of wind passes by the field, followed by a violent hailstorm; the user then vanishes along the hailstorm, the storm forms an aura, which is the Keshin itself, and appears, along with the user. Followed by a tailwind from behind, the user uses it as a head start and rushes forward, preparing to use the Keshin Hissatsu.


(Will put up soon)

Keshin Armed/Mixi Max

Like Galactica Flame, it doesn't have an armor, however, as an alternative, it's more of a Mixi Max, discovered shortly after Rese's Mixi Max with Galactica Flame; they tried experementing with their discoveries and thus resulted in a Mixi Max (however, it may also be classified as an armor). (Will put the pic soon!)

Keshin Hissatsu


  • Since Rese has 2 elements; she has 2 Keshin.
  • Galactica Flame is this Keshin's counterpart.
  • Rese can do a Keshin Fusion by herself, due to her 2 Keshin.
  • Ice Wind Warrior's Keshin Armor/Mixi Max came after Galactica Flame's, as it was explained, it was an experiment conducted afterwards.

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