• Please note that I rated this as M or T but it will be E in the end.
  • I don't own IE nor the character.
  • Haruna is the one narrating the whole scene.
  • This is one-shot. SPICE!!

I Win Your Heart

I thought that this is a bad idea at first but I guess it's kinda fun.....

My face becomes red and I am sweating a lot. I gasp for air as I keep sucking for more. (<-what the?!)

I look at Tachimukai and he look at me. His face is red and he is sweating and panting too, just like I am since we are in the same condition.

I kow Onii-chan will be angry if he know that I did something like this. I was scared to do it at first but Tachimukai kept pursuing me and at last, I fall for his passionate trap.

"Do you feel good, Otonashi-san?" Tachimukai looks at me as he keep panting harder.

"*Pant* *Pant* Don't stop now! I want more!" I shouted in soft voice.

I'm not good at something like this but Tachimukai-kun said that it'll be fun. I was scared but once I started it, I couldn't stop myself.

-After about 10 minutes-

I look at Tachimukai and our condition is still in the same one like when we started it.

It's been around 20 minutes we're doing this and guess like we're going to end it now. I think that I want to do the ending but I guess Tachimukai made the move first.

It seems like.... everything has end.

"I win your heart." Tachimukai look at me and pant.

"Tachimukai-kun. I knew we shouldn't do this! Now we're late for practice and Onii-chan is going to kill me!"

"Well, it's your fault for not to prevent yourself from doing this. But the whole 20 minutes was really good and you are great!"

I blushed while forming an angry face. "I know I shouldn't accept to compete in eating hot and spicy Ramen with you! Now I have lost the challenge and have to give you the Discount Ticket...What did you call it again? Ahh! The Heart Discount Ticket. Now I lost my Heart!!" I said angrily while giving him the Heart.

Urgh!! Not only my face and tongue are going to explode because of the spicy and super hot Ramen, I lost the game and have to give my Heart and I'm super late for practice!!! I knew I shouldn't accept your request!



That's all for I Win Your Heart. This is my first time doing fan-fiction like this. I just got the idea when I'm eating my noodles-soup. Sorry if this is too over-reactive but I guess it's E at the end right?

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