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Yagami was taking a walk around outside the hospital to get some air. Her head was spinning was everything that was going on, until her thoughts were interrupted by a girl's voice.

"You're Hiroto-kun's friend, aren't you?" asked a girls voice. Yagami turned to see a beautiful girl, around the age of 13 stood in front of her.

"Yeah, I am" replied Yagami "Who are you?"

"I'm Izayoi Mika" answered the girl "I'm Hiroto's friend too"

Yagami gazed at the girl, she had noticed just how pretty the girl was. She had waist length, light cyan hair in a style similar to her own. One of her eyes was a deep midnight-blue, whilst the other was a blood-red. The hair just above her fringe was tied into a plait, which gave the effect of a hairband. She was wearing a deep purple silk ballet dress, with a velvet skirt and matching ballet shoes with lace winding up her legs, ending in a neat bow. Her voice was sweet and her lips were a soft tropical peachy-pink though it didn't look as if she was wearing lipstick, in fact, it didn't look as though she was wearing any make-up at all, though her eyelashes were long and dark, giving out a slightly scary effect on her face.

"You know Hiroto, Izayoi-san?" Yagami asked the girl

"Yeah, we're really good friends, oh and you can call me Mika" smiled Mika "Do you know where Hero-kun is?"

"Hero-kun?" questioned Yagami, confused

"Oh, that's what I call Hiroto, just like he calls me Mikachu" giggled Mika

"I see" replied Yagami "I'll take you to him"

Mika followed Yagami to the waitng room where Hiroto was sat, looking more upset than ever. Though when he saw Mika, he lifted his head and smiled

"Mikachu-chan!" cried Hiroto, running over to the two

"Nice to see you again, Hero-kun" smiled Mika

"It's been ages, I missed you so much!" Hiroto said happily

"I know, I missed you too! Things were so boring without you!" Mika cried, hugging Hiroto happily. Yagami's heart sank when she saw this, though it sank even further when Hiroto gladly hugged her back. Who was this girl? How did Hiroto know her? What did she mean to Hiroto? And what gave her the right to suddenly show up and start hugging him?

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Here's chapter 10 -

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