Here's number 8 guys - enjoy!


"It's about Endou..." Hitomiko began "H-his condition suddenly dropped...he's really ill and weak...and...and...the doctor said he's in danger of dying..."

"WHAT?!" Hiroto cried, jumping up from his chair.

"Calm down, Hiroto-kun, you're still not fully recovered" said Yagami, holding his shoulders to keep him from falling.

"D-did you s-say...d-die?" Midorikawa asked, obviously in shock

"'Yes, no-one knows what happened, he just suddenly became extremely ill..." Hitomiko replied, breathing quite heavily, trying to compose herself.

"'We have to go see if Endou-kun's okay!" cried Hiroto, struggling to stand up, but instantly falling to the floor again

"Hiroto-kun!" Yagami yelled, leaning down to see if he was okay.

"I'm fine" Hiroto said, though his voice was strained "We have to see Endou-kun!"

"Are you sure you'll be okay Hiroto-kun, I mean, you're still injured" Hitomiko asked him

"'I'll be fine!" Hiroto nodded

"Okay, I'll drive you three to the hospital" Hitomiko told them, grabbing her keys and walking towards the door

"Hey, wait a sec!" a voice called from behind the four - it was Kii.

"Oh, hi Kii, I'm sorry if I'm being mean but, we're kinda busy" said Yagami

"'I know where your going, I heard you talking in your room" Kii said "I want to come too"

"No offence, but why exactly do you want to come, Kii-chan?" Midorikawa asked

"I may not know Endou very well, but I do care about him" Kii replied

"Okay, you can come" Hitomiko told her "But we have to hurry!". Everyone got into the car and Hitomiko drove off.

'At the hospital...'

'Hitomiko parked the car in the car park and they all rushed into the hospital. Hiroto ran ahead, with Yagami close behind him so he didn't fall again. They turned the corner and ran into the waiting room by Endou's room

"Hitomiko-san, I'm glad you could make it" said Kudou'

'"Of course I could make it after I heard about Endou!" said Hitomiko "Is he okay?" '

'"We don't know yet..." replied Aki, who was trying to comfort Endou's mom "The lady at the desk told us to wait here until the doctors came out..."

'"Is Mamoru-kun going to be okay papa?" Fuyuka asked her dad '

'"He will be, he'll overcome anything that comes at him..." Kudou told her, though he didn't seem sure at all. "Mamoru's going to be absolutely fine, I'm sure, Mrs. Endou" Aki said reassuringly '

'"But what if he isn't? What would I do if I lost my son?!" Endou's mom sobbed '

'"Don't think that way! He'll be alright" Aki tried again, in a desperate attempt to calm Endou's mom down a bit.

"Onii-chan, are you okay?" Haruna asked Kidou, seeing him sat on a chair alone in the corner '

'"Yeah, I guess I'm just worried like everyone else here..." he replied '

'"I'll leave you to your thoughts then" Haruna smiled, and walked off to try to comfort Natsumi, who was sobbing in the corner. '

'"Natsumi-chan, Endou-kun will be alright, please don't cry" Haruna said soothingly. '

'"I really hope your right..." Natsumi said quietly. At that moment the door opened and a nurse walked out. '

'"A few of you can go in to see him now" she said '

'"Okay, Hiroto, Yagami, Midorikawa and Kii, since you four are like peas in a pod, you can all go in together" said Hitomiko, getsuring for them to go in. '

'"I can't beleive you just used that experession..." Kii said, raising her eyebrows as she followed Yagami into the room. Like the other three of them, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Endou. Hiroto had been the first to see Endou last time, and he'd been horror-struck by how badly injured Endou was, but that seemed like nothing compared to how Endou looked now. He was so pale his skin was practically white, his eyes were tightly closed, his body limp and lifeless and his face was twisted with pain. '

'"Endou-kun..." Hiroto whispered, he couldn't stop himself from crying. Yagami went over to comfort him. Midorikawa looked at Hiroto, he had never seen him so upset before. Hiroto hadn't been able to stop himself from crying, and now he couldn't stop. He'd never felt so sad in his life, even when his father had been arrested. Even though Yagami was comforting him, he couldn't stop crying, he couldn't cheer up. Endou could die, and that wasn't something that Hiroto could handle...'

'------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ '

'Candy: These things are getting better and better!! '

'Hiroto: How exactly did you develop this plot Mika-chan? '

'Mika: I was reading a fanfic where the setting was the rooftop and it was based on the episode when Endou gives up, he gets really upset and I just thought about making it so Endou gets really upset and jumps or something, thats where the basic plot came from.'

'Livi: Wow, never knew that! '

'Angel: So you kinda stole the plot '

'Mika: No! I took the basic shell of a plot and redecorated and redesigned it to make it my own. '

'Hiroto: Cool, sorry for asking so many questions but I am new, how long do these things take to come up with and write? '

'Mika: If I'm in a good mood and I can be bothered, they take about 20-30 minutes, and I usually come up with it as I go along. '

'Candy: It must be really hard to come up with the plot for each one. '

'Mika: Not really '

'Hiroto: Let's continue with this conversation in the next chapter, this chapter's getting a bit long '

'Mika: Yeah, you're right Hiroto-kun, sayonara minna, please carry on reading! 8D '

'All: Byyyyeeeee!!! '


Here's number 9 -

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