I'm really surprised you guys are still reading this... Anyway, enjoy chapter 5 :)


At Natsumi's house (it's still the same day as it was in ch 4)

Natsumi was still sat in her room looking through the photos again and again, Endou's voice was swirling around in her head - I love you...I love you...I love you...

She had been waiting so long to hear those words from Endou, but she didn't want to hear them when Endou was in hospital...

"Natsumi, are you alright?" asked her father

"Oh! Dad! Erm, yeah, I'm fine" she replied, trying desperately to sound that way, but her poker face was obviously worse than she thought

"What happened?" her dad asked her "Something must have happened at the hospital"

"Well, Endou-kun woke up for a few minutes..." Natsumi replied

"What did he say?"

"He...he...he said he loves me..." Natsumi said. Her dad smiled at her.

"He's told me he loves you, he wanted to ask you to be his girlfriend, he was so polite, he asked my permission to go out with you, and told me he would take care of you" he said. Natsumi blushed

"He...he seriously said that? He really wanted me to go out with him?" she asked unsurely. Her dad nodded

"Well, I think it would be nice to phone Endou's mother and father to tell them he's made some improvement" he smiled

"Please can you? I don't really want to conversate about what happened to Endou with his parents..." she said

"Okay" he nodded, and began to go downstairs "At least everyone else". Natsumi went over to the bedside table, and picked up her mobile. She phoned everyone and told them all what happened, and everyone seemed glad that Endou had at least made some improvement.


Here's the link to chapter 6 -

Candy: Waaa! That seemed really short!

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Mika: I know, I know, I've got to finish my project and the rest of my homework, and also I have to spend loads of time on online chats so my friends won't scream at me for 'ignoring them' and 'not being on for ages', and also I'm doing this fanfic, and I'm just starting another

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Hiroto: *walks in*

Girls: o.O

Hiroto: Can anyone tell me where I am?

Mika: kyaaa~ Hero-kun!!!

Hiroto: Oh god, fangirl!!

Mika *leaps on Hiroto and pulls him outside*

Angel, Candy and Livi: o.O ...

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