Hey guys! Here's chapter 17 after a long wait! This chapter introduces a few more of my OCs.


It was midnight, and the entire town of Monte Dante was completely deserted, well, all except for a group of teenage girls who were sneaking into Sailor Star Academy. They were being lead by a small, pale girl with matty pink hair and pale pink tips.

"Kiseki-chan, where are you taking us?" a girl with long, blue hair tied into two pigtails asked the pink-haired girl

"To the pools" the girl replied "There's a rumour of ghosts showing up around that area - and it's our job to see if it's true"

"D-do we h-have to d-do this?" a girl with pinky-red hair asked the leader

"Yes, we do" answered the pink-haired girl simply "Stop being a baby, Ichigo"

The girl called Ichigo sighed and carried on tip-toeing behind the blue-haired girl. They snuck into the school grounds and made their way into the pools. The pink haired girl - 'Kiseki' - walked over to the water, noticing a disturbance in the surface. Ichigo trembled and walked over next to her, followed by the blue haired girl. The three examined heir surroundings until they noticed a strange blueish-green glow in the shadows.

"I-it's a gh-ghost!" whispered Ichigo in terror, but Kiseki shook her head

"That's not a ghost - it's some sort of monster..." Kiseki remarked. Upon hearing this, Ichigo meeped and grabbed Kiseki's wrist. The Thing seemed to come closer, then it attacked.

The three girls screamed and ran in opposite directions in the hope of confusing the Thing. It didn't work. The Thing aimed at Ichigo and sent her flying over the fence. The two remaining girls tried to run, but failed. Next the Thing aimed at Kiseki. It hit her hard and threw her at full force into the deep-end of the pool. Now the blue-haired girl was standing alone. Just her, against the thing that had just killed her friends...

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