Wow, I FINALLY POSTED CHAPTER 16!!!! I hope you enjoy it, prepare for sadness and depression~ (I'm in a bad mood again) This chapter goes back to Hiroto~

Rain. It fell down from the dark murky sky and splashed off the soaking ground. It dropped down and dripped from people's umbrellas as they rushed and hurried to get home or at least get inside. The street was deserted. All except for one person. That one person was shivering in the cold air. They didn't have a coat, they didn't have anything to fend off the rain. They were wearing a thin purple t-shirt and baggy black pants. They were absolutely freezing, their clothes soaked through and their hair falling onto their face. This one person, was Kiyama Hiroto. He was crying, but it was unnoticable thanks to the rain. His red hair was now flat and his bangs were falling over his face, hiding his dark eyes. He was walking slowly, barely noticing how cold he was. He didn't really care that it was raining. Why was he so upset? Well here's the answer -

Sakura was dead.

Hiroto screamed in anger and frustration. His sister, his precious little sister, was dead. She was 12! Why had fate picked her?! WHY?! Hiroto found himself screaming in rage and kicking a nearby wheelie-bin. Hard. It flew through the air and smashed against the wall of a house with a loud BASH! It cracked and fell to the floor, breaking into peices. It's contents spilled out across someone's front garden. Hiroto would've felt bad, but he had other things on his mind. The misty moon hung in the sky, glowing in the darkness. Hiroto sighed as the rain continued to fall and he shivered in the freezing air.

'I guess hanging round murdering trash cans all night isn't gonna do much good...' he though But it's kinda fun.... He reluctantly began to make his way towards Sun Garden, knowing what was coming. Hitomiko would make pathetic attempts to cheer him up, Yagami would pity him and try to make happy conversation, Midorikawa would either act really awkwardly, or join Yagami and Saginuma probably wouldn't care. He had to admit - his life friggin' sucked!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Please comment~

Oh and also, if you guys are fans of Hiroto x Midorikawa, I founded a wiki earlier today purely to make fanfics and fanarts about them!

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