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At Sun Garden...

It had been 3 weeks since Hiroto had rescued Sakura, and she was now living in Sun Garden with her brother and the rest or the ex-Aliea team members. Yagami had instantly taken a liking to Sakura and they were now best friends.

Yagami, Midorikawa and Sakura were sat in the lounge, chatting to each other happily. Hiroto had gone to visit Endou in the hospital, and Hitomiko was making lunch in the kitchen. Sakura had her leg wrapped in bandages and she was using a crutch. All of a sudden, Hiroto ran in, crying uncontrollably.

"Onii-chan!" cried Sakura "What's wrong?" She got up and went over to Hiroto, who was now on the floor panting though still crying. Midorikawa, Yagami and Hitomiko followed. Hiroto replied with only two words, though these two words were enough to change everyone's lives forever.

"Endou's dead...". You could barely imagine how Hitomiko, Yagami, Midorikawa and Sakura felt, none of them reacted, but you could see in there faces how they wanted to react.

"Wh-what?!" Midorikawa cried

"It can't be true..." said Sakura, who had visited Endou several times and heard plenty about him from everyone.

"You're lying!" sobbed Yagami

"I wish I was..." Hiroto sighed

"How did this happen?" asked Hitomiko "The doctor said his condition improved, and Natsumi said he woke up for quite a while"

"I guess he just couldn't hold on any longer..." Hiroto said, his voice almost a whisper. Everyone dropped into silence. Endou was dead, how could they possilbe deal with that?

To be continued...

Midori: Well, that was stupidly short!!

Mika: I know, I just wanted to build up tention for chapter 14 and so-on

Hiroto: I'm offically intrigued!

Mika: LOL! Anyway, the link to the much-anticiapted chapter 14 will be here as soon as I finish it~


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