Here's chapter 10 (finally). Sorry it took so long, I've been woriking on my other fanfic, anyway, enjoy!!


Yagami glared over at Hiroto and Mika, who were sat happily chatting in the corner. How come Hiroto had never mentioned this girl before? She seemed to mean a lot to him.

"Hey, Yagami, wanna join our chat? Mika's telling me about her holiday in America!" Hiroto called over to her. She didn't want to hear about Mika and her stupid holidays in America, but she was glad that Hiroto had finally anknowleged her, so she walked over and sat next to Hiroto.

"So, guess who I met in America?" said Mika in an excited voice

"Who?" Hiroto asked. Yagami scowled - He was hanging on this girl's every word.

"Ichinose, Dylan and Mark!" cried Mika

"Really? Did you talk to them?" Hiroto asked her

"Yeah, we chatted for ages! Mark and Dylan are so sweet and funny! I couldn't beleive how long I stood talking with them!" Mika laughed, Hiroto joined in. Yagami couldn't deny it, even though she had barely given this girl a chance - she already hated her guts.

A little later, at Sun Garden...

Yagami walked over to where Hiroto was sat, looking through some photos

"Hiroto? Can I ask you something?" Yagami tapped him on the shoulder. Hiroto didn't look up

"Sure" he said

"What does that Mika girl mean to you?" she asked nervously. That got Hiroto's attention. He looked up and smiled at her.

"Not a lot" he said "She's nice and all, but she's definately not my type. I'm only talking to her loads cuz we haven't seen each other in about a year". Yagami smiled, very releived, but her heart sank again instantly when she saw the photos Hiroto was looking through. They were of him and Mika, smiling, holding hands, hugging. In one a young Hiroto was wearing a daisy-chain crown, with Mika behind him adjusting it onto his head. In another a young Mika was dressed as a princess, sitting on a swing, her hand outstretched, with a young Hiroto kissing it happily. Yagami glared at the young children, it didn't look like this girl meant 'not alot' to Hiroto at all. She was angry with Hiroto for acting so forward with a girl right in front of her, but she decided she'd rather not worry about it, considering Hiroto was still ill.

The next day...

Everyone was at the field, practicing for the first time since the accident. Hiroto was sat on the bench next to Yagami since Hitomiko had refused to let him practice because he was still ill. All the other Aliea Academy captains were joining in, along with several members from the other worldwide teams. They were playing a practice match, Red V Blue. On the Red team, Genda was goalkeeper, Hijikata, Kazemaru, Kabeyama and Tsunami were DF, Midorikawa, Toramaru, Fubuki and Kidou were MF and Gouenji and Sakuma were FW. In the Blue team, Tachimukai was GK, Kurimatsu, Tobitaka, Kogure and Fudou were DF, Someoka, Mukata, Magane and Yamino were MF and Fidio and Edgar were FW.

"How come Fubuki and Toramaru are MF? Say, quite a few people are in positions they don't play" remarked Hiroto, scanning the field

"Papa says that the team have to try playing different positions, but I don't know why" replied Fuyuka

"It's probably to get them used to sudden change" said Hitomiko from behind them, making them all jump

"Where did you come from?" Hiroto asked her, who had also jumped at her sudden appearance. Hitomiko smiled at him

"Magic" she giggled, and sat next to him.

After the match, at Sun Garden...

knock, knock, knock...

"Come in" Hiroto called. He was sat in his room, sorting through some old boxes that had been living at the abck of his dresser for god knows how long. Yagami walked in, and sat down on the floor next to Hiroto.

"What are you doing?" She asked him, looking at all the boxes scattered around the room.

"I'm trying to empty out my dresser a bit" Hiroto replied, picking up a box from the floor. He put it on the bed then walked back over to his dresser. After a second, the box fell to the floor and the entire contents scattered across the room

"Can you get that please, Yagami-chan?" Hiroto asked her. Yagami nodded and walked over to the box, picking up everything. The last thing she picked up was a photo, she couldn't help but look at it. It was a picture of a very young girl, that looked oddly like Hiroto -
Dressup247 Anime Avatar1

Yagami heard a sad sigh from behind her. She turned to see Hiroto gazing sadly at the picture.

"Hiroto?" Yagami said nervously "Who is this girl?"

"My sister" he replied sadly

"Sister?" Yagami echoed "You have a sister?"

"I used to" he said "I lost my parents in a carcrash, as you know, I managed to escape with my life, but no one knows wether she did or not"

"What do you mean?" Yagami asked him, confused

"She dissapeared in the accident" Hiroto replied "She was in the car before, and during the crash, but she wasn't after. She just...vanished. No one's seen even a trace of her since"

"I'm sorry to hear that..." said Yagami awkwardly, she hated tense moments

That night...

Hiroto was having constant nightmares. Well, they were more memories. Memories of the carcrash. Memories of his sister. Memories of her screaming...Memories of sitting on the rough, hard, cold road, crying, looking around desperately for his parents, and his precious little sister. Memories of knowing that his parents were dead. Memories that his sister was gone too...

Hiroto woke up with a start. He was breathing heavily, sweating. He could still hear his sister's shrill cries. He closed his eyes, and suddenly he saw himself sat in the back of the car. His parents yelling and screaming. He could see his little sister beside him, trembling in terror. He felt her grab his wrist, crying.


Her scream echoed in his head, again and again, his ears ringing. It took him a while to calm down enough to notice his phone ringing. He picked it up and said 'Hello' in the calmest voice he could muster.

"Kiyama Hiroto, we have your sister" said a dark, creepy voice

"How do you know my name? And what do you mean 'you have her'?" Hiroto asked

"We have her in captivity, you must save her, before we sacrifice her to the demon king" The Voice replied

"What?!" Hiroto cried "You're gonna kill her?!"

To be continued...


Candy: Well that was really sad

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