Honoka Faiya

Japanese Name:Katakana

No information



Birth Date

1st January

Family Status



Elite Jun. High


-Bossy, tomboyish

Fav. Food



-Student Body President -Elite Jun. High temporary manager


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Faiya is the Student Body President in Elite Jun. High. She is in the same year with her younger sister, Aise but they are not twins. Their birthday is separated by 11 months. She is named Faiya (fai-ya; fire) because of her red-flame hair. She is quite bossy and tomboyish. She prefer ordering people around than doing paperwork. She is the Tsundere type, big-headed and somehow, the devilish boss type but deep inside, she is really kind.


Honoka Aise

Honoka Aise is Faiya's younger sister and tend to call her Onee-chan and sometimes she is heard calling her Onee-sama.. She is the opposite of Faiya. Their siblings personality resembles Curry and Curryn. Aise likes to wear old-lady type of clothing such as long skirts. She likes paperwork and kind of airhead (when she follows everything Faiya said). She also wears a pink ribbon but at the left side of her head. Her skin is quite fair, she has the opposite hair color than Faiya which is blue has two ahoge (a-ho-ge; hairs that stands on your head) like Faiya.


She has red hair and eyes. The end of her hair is divided half and has spiky ends resembling the tip of fire. Her band is also separated half in the middle and her pink ribbon goes across the bang and created a thin pink ribbon at her right side of her head, just like Aise but hers is on the left. Faiya only wears skirts at school, along with her school uniforms in any events but she is never seen with a skirt when she is doing an outing. Her favorites are just like Curryn but it's not a habit, unlike Curryn who wears them for her image.. She wears a with collared short-arms shirt with a necktie and a pants. She prefer to wear business suit, male clothings and such when doing an outing.