Honoka Aise

Japanese Name: Katakana

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Birth Date

25th December

Family Status



Elite Jun. High



Fav. Food



-Vice Student Body President -Elite Jun. High temporary manager


  • Aise Honoka is created by me. No other version/anime/story is copied.
  • The name is pure made by me but it's usable for other user to use for their character.
  • The picture and Aise's personality and looks are created by me. Her hair might resembles young Lemon Yamagishi from Yumeiro Patissiere.
  • I will be pleased if Aise is used in your story and made her your character but please don't fake the real owner of Aise Honoka.
  • Asks for permissions first before using Aise as your character.



Honoka Aise is the Vice Student Body President in Elite Jun. High. She has the same age with her sister, Honoka Faiya but they are not twin. Faiya was born on 1st of January while she was born on Christmas. Her father is the heir of her great great great grandfather who is the founder of Elite Jun. High. Since she was born on December, she was named Aise (Ai-se; Ice). She is kind of airhead and shy. Unlike her sister who likes to wear male clothings and order things around, Aise is always seen wearing long skirts (oldies clothings) and she is more of doing paper works.


Honoka Faiya

Honoka Faiya is Aise's older sister and the Student Body President in the school. Faiya is a little tomboyish and rough but she is a great leader. Her orange-red hair resembles flame/fire for her name is Faiya. She is often seen wearing tuxedo and males clothings for outing. She also wears a pink ribbon at the right side of her head and has two ahoge (a-ho-ge; stands up hair on the head) the same as Aise's. Her skin is tanner than Aise's. Unlike Aise, Faiya is bossier and braver but she hates paperwork. Their siblings relationship is the same as Curry and Curryn. Since Faiya is older than her, she calls Faiya Onee-chan and sometime she called her Onee-sama.


She has blue hair and blue eyes. Her hair looks like the combination of young Lemon Yamagishi from YumePati and Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto. Her hair is neck-length with spiky ends and she has a long hair-tail (thin braid) that reach her waist. She ALWAYS wear a pink ribbon at the left side of her head as her trademark and has two thin ahoge. Her skin is fair. She is often seen in her school uniforms when is school or a soccer match but in a long skirt with a white collared-shirt and a necktie when doing an outing.