Heya minna~ I'm bored again so I decided to make up what kind of things might be in the Diary of Hiroto!

This is a comedy, and there may be some language.

21.6.11 - Japan's Representatives.

I really didn't appreciate being woken up at 7 am by Hitomiko, but when she told me why - I guess I was still mad. I got dressed and walked to Raimon Junior High with Midorikawa. He was all hyper and sing-songy, but he still looked so cute...

When we arrived, Gouenji announced to Endou-kun that I was here. Endou-kun came running up to me at a scary speed and looked extremely happy to see me, and ditto me with him. Urgh, why does he AND Midorikawa have to be so damn cute?!...Wait a second did I write that down? Oh, God I hope no one steals this - curse you Sharpie pen, curse you!!

Well, back to the plot, apparently we're gonna have a match tomorrow to see who's dreams get brutally shattered into a million pieces and who gets to go to the world and win the most important tournament known of, earning themselves eternal glory and pride.

(Second entry tomorrow)

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