Hikari Natsuka is a 13 year old fanmade character based on Mika's best friend (not Tatsuko.) She is best friends with Loretta Natsukoi and Aki Tatsuko and is a 3rd year at Sailor Star Academy.


Hikari Natsuka 1

Natsuka's appearance

She has wavy, bright-purple hair that she ties into a high ponytail with a small, black bow. Her fringe is halved onto the left and right and falls down. Her eyes are a light-ish purple and she has very long eyelashes. Her casual wear consists of a purple hoodie that matches the color of her hair and dark jean-shorts that are cut kind of roughly. Her formal wear is a sleevless, dark-purple, short dress that reaches just above her knees with black, glittery high-heels. Her pyjamas are a long-sleeved, silk, purple pyjama top with matching trousers. She wears a black and purple swimsuit with a very short skirt on top.


Her personality in two words is 'hyper' and 'random'. She loves coming out with the most insane things at the most random of times. Her favorite song is the Mr. Penguin song, that she usually sings with Loretta. She loves Zumba and is usually randomly doing Zumba routines wherever she goes. Nothing discourages her and she always believes there's a way out (although she ususally can't be othered to work out what this way out is).


  • She is a manager of Yozora No Hoshi.
  • She shares the same favorite color as Loretta - purple, though she likes a brighter, violent shade when Loretta likes darker, gentle shades.
  • 'Natsu' in her name means 'Summer'.
  • Having 'Natsu' in her name is another thing she has in common with Loretta.
  • Generally, she is rarely shown with her hair down, though in some fanfics she has her hair down all the time.
  • The picture was made by Mika, if you want to use it, you better ask her.
  • Hikari Natsuka was invented, created, drawn out and made fully by Mika, all of this is her idea - I just wrote it out.
  • If you want to use Natsuka, you better ask Mika.

"あなたは私を撃ち落とすことができますが、私が落ちませんが、私はチタンです。" 21:46, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

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