Hebino Raito
First appearance First Day
Created by Memoyakio
Voiced by Fukuyama Jun
Team/s Magic Water
Element Wind
Number 7
Position MF [Midfielder]
Full Names Hebino Raito
Japanese Name 蛇野 ライト
English Name Light Summer
Nickname/s Kuroi Neko
Age 14, 24(GO)
Birthdate 1st October
Birthplace Osaka
Nationality Japan
Notable Relatives Yamino Kageto (cousin)
School/Class 2-C, Magic Water Academy
No one can block my heart, I really said that I love soccer!

Hebino Raito

Hebino (蛇野 ライト) is another fanmade character that create/made by Memoyakio. He is Memo and Arane's friend.


Hebino was actually a happy-go-lucky and an innocent boy. Until one day, his parents were arguing. He heard all sort of things that his parents were arguing about. He was very shocked. He knew that his father killed someone and that person seemed to be Hebino's bestfriend. At night, Hebino left his house without no one knowing. Until now, he never knew any news about his parents.


He is cool but rather naughty. According to Arane, he always being rude and arrogant at times. He can be very hardworking and clever person. Arane always tease him that he always went to his junior high school with Memo. Saying that they are couple.

In GO, he is still cool but he has some 'cold' personality. Espacially when talking to Fukai. He also start to act more mature but still, Arane said that he is rude and arrogant.


Hebino has green eyes and purple hair. He has fair skin tone. His casual cloth consists a dark purple hoodie and a jeans. He also wears white shoes and a brown shirt underneath.

In GO, he wears a jacket that similar to Gouenji. It is in dark green and have a yellow pattern on it. He wears dark blue pants. He also wears a pair of green shoes.


[MF] Distance Square


"I am not Memo's brother! Just a friend! A friend that very useful to her!" To an unknown boy

"You kinda useless, Jou-sama! You're not suit to be in this team!" To Arane Kiki

"Let your feelings flow, just like water! Even you try as hard as you can to break them, it won't.." To Memo

"Paper is the only thing that you can use if you want to draw or something like that, you must know that.." To Fukai Kuriiro

"To be clever like Memo does, it start with a book, a note and a pencil!" To Arane Kiki



  • He always mistaken that he is Memo's brother because he is taller than Memo and always went to school with her.
  • He likes Memo but he never tells anyone.
  • When playing soccer, he is rude and arrogant, just like how Arane said.
  • Memo and Arane always mention him as a coward when he saw any dog.
  • Though at his young age, he started to drink wine/alcohol.
  • His surname actually means wild snake.


  • Hebino was fully made by me!
  • Ask me first before you want to use him!
  • Maybe I edit this page sometimes.