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The Reality of A Dream

"Urgh.... Where...Where am I?"

Haruna opens her eyes and sees a big room and she is on a bed. The room looks really fancy but Haruna doesn't worry that, it's the bright morning light that she's worry about.

"What day is it? Mama and Papa must be really worried. Huh?"

Haruna sees someone sitting beside the bed but he is asleep. His hand is holding Haruna's hand, Haruna brushes his hair and holds his hand.


Tachimukai wakes up quickly and look at Haruna.

"Are you okay? Did you get a good sleep?"

"Yes, thank you. I am perfectly fine."

"Haruna, why did you came here"

"I don't even know..."

"Where is the real Haruna?"

"I am sorry, I don't know any other Haruna. Beside, this isn't my place at all. My parents are waiting for me."

"You aren't afraid of being here, instead you care about what your parents are doing. That sounds really...different.."

"I know. I love everyone and they deserved to be love. We live only once so I wish to cherish my life with loving the peoples. My parents are the nearest example."

"You are the same as Princess Haruna. Her laugh, her smile....." Tachimukai hugs Haruna and Haruna blushed. "Tachi...mukai...kun...." Haruna replies the hug and said "Don't worry. I am sure your Haruna will never leave you without any reasons."

"Hello, may I come in?" Someone knocked the room's door.

"Oh yes, please. Haruna-hime, for the time being, she is going to take care of you." Tachimukai opens the door and leaves the room.

"But I am not the princess!!....Huh?" Haruna looks at the girl that enters her room.

The girl is probably around the age of 15. She has beautiful light blue hair with white stripes at each side at her inner part of hair. She has a pair of light blue eyes and wears a maid dress. Her name is Yagami Reina, the personal maid for Princess Haruna.

"Haruna-sama!! I am so happy to know that you are still alive! Just when the time you lost 6 years ago, everyone had thought the negatives but I knew it was wrong. Where did you go?~"

"Six years ago? That time I was 7."

"Yes, and it was on your birthday too. Tachimukai-sama gave you that pendant a day before you disappeared. Your brother and Tachimukai-sama were really worried."

"Reina-san, I wish to tell you something but please speak to no one about this okay?"

"I'll do what I can."

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