Hayate Matsuoka
First appearance Finding friends
Created by Hikari
Voiced by Ono Daisuke

Johnny Young Bosch

Team/s Black Hawks
Element ?
Number ?
Position Coach
Full Names Hayate Matsuoka
Japanese Name 松岡 疾風
English Name Hayate Matsuoka
Nickname/s Coach
Age 37
Birthdate 16 July
Birthplace Tokyo
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives ?
Family ?
School/Class Ravendale(teacher)
Congratulations, you're now officially one of us. Welcome to hell, kid.

–To Akuji Tsukiakari, in Legend of the Black Hawks

Hayate Matsuoka is the coach of the Black Hawks.


He has black hair that is braided. He always wears an eyepatch, the reason why is still unknown. His casual clothes are a blue shirt and white-cream colored pants.

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