Hey guys! This page is just a collection of one-short fanfictions, pictures, photoshops, videos and more made for my older sister~

Happy 17th Birthday, Kelsey!

Love from Mika, Alex and Mum xxx

This is the best I could do as a birthday present, sorry it's not much.

Anyway, first of all - a video I made for your 17th, Kels'

Inazuma Eleven - Ulvida AMV - Cruella De Vil (Happy Birthday, Onee-san and Onii-chan!)01:46

Inazuma Eleven - Ulvida AMV - Cruella De Vil (Happy Birthday, Onee-san and Onii-chan!)

Ulvida AMV - Cruella De Vil

There we go! And now a few pictures and photoshops I made~

And now a one-shot fanfic I wrote~ (It's set out just as I'd usually set out my fanfics so the title and whatnot is put above the writing and bla bla bla. Also, imagine I wrote this on the 25th even though I wrote it on the 24th)

Birthday Celebrations with Me, My OCs and The IE Cast~ (Comedy)

Burn: You're kidding, we're trapped in this girl's house AGAIN?!

Mika: Yup~

IE Cast: Meep...

Mika: First of all, I have a VEEEERRRRYYY important accouncement!

All: *groan*

Mika: Shut up guys! Anyway, the announcement - Today (25th April 2012) is my older sister's birthday!

Candy: *looks hopeful* Are we gonna have a party?

Mika: Hell yeah~

All: YAY!!!!!!

Mika: I've invited a few special guests, but first we gotta get this place looking like a party place!

All: HAI!

Later, after they'd finished arranging Mika's house...

Aki: So when are these 'special guests' gonna arrive?

Mika: Well, the first guest will be here in 3...2...1-

The window smashes and a teenage girl bursts into the room.

All except Mika: O_O

Burn: Why aren't any of your friends normal?!

Mika: Becuase shut up! Now everyone, this is my best friend (in real life) - Aki Tatsuko!

Tatsuko: Heya people!

All: *wave nervously*

Mika: Hey Tatsuko-chan~

Tatsuko: Hi, Mikachu-chan~ Have the rest of the gang showed up yet?

Mika: Nope, you're the first guest but I think another will be arriving in 3...2...1-

The wall explodes and another teenage girl appears.

Mika: 'Bout time, Steve!

Gazelle: Did my ears deceive me or did you just call that girl 'Steve'?

Mika: It's a nickname, like she calls me 'Helix'~

Hiroto: What's her actual name?

Mika: Hikari Natsuka

Natsuka: Wattup people of Steve-donia?~

All: -.-

Haruna: 'Steve-donia'?

Mika: Her imaginary alien planet that she made for homework. I was amazed that she got away with it!

Natsuka: ^^

Mika: I wonder where everyone else got to...

Fudou: There's even more people?!

Mika: Yup~

The door opens and a boy walks in.

Midorikawa: Who's he?

Boy: I am Kevin - faithful stalker of Steve!

Natsuka: Oh dear God he found me...

Mika: ^^ Anyway, this is Alex - one of my best friends.

Alex: I am Kevin, not Alex!

Mika: Yeah whatever, Alex

Alex: -.-

All: ^^

Burn: Are you all out of insane friends now?

Mika: Nope there's one more~

A teenage girl skips through the door singing 'Mamma Mia'

Burn: Who the hell is this weirdo?!

Girl: *slaps Burn round the face* I am not a weirdo, Tulip-dude!

All: XD

Mika: This is another one of my best friends - Lottie

Lottie: How d'you do?~

Natsumi: Is she always like that?

Mika: Most of the time, anyway - Let's get this party started!

All: YAY!!!!

Mika: We'll start with singing 'Happy Birthday'!

Fubuki: Seriously?

Mika: Yup~

All: Oh dear God...

Mika: SING!

All: Meep, okay!



Happy birthday to you~

Happy brithday to you~

Happy birthday dear Kelsey~

Happy birthday to you~

Mika: Well, I ran out of idea so I'm gonna stop it there~

All: BYEEEEE!!!!

The End~ (Of the fanfic)

And now another version of Happy Birthday! This one a lot more comical~ (No offence meant by it, made for comic purposes only!)

(I'll post the link here cuz it won't let me put in the god damn video -

Happy Birthday, Onee-san!

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