Here's part 2 of the original Happy Birthday! fanfic AKA the Hiroto vers.

WARNING - From now on there'll be a bit of yaoi. Also there's a bit of drama in this chap (spoiler - it invlolves a car)

So no, I'm not done with your presents yet, Onee-san! I hope you like this~

Chapter 2 - A Dinner Date?

"H-hey, Hiroto-kun" Midorikawa said nervously, slowly approaching his red-headed friend

"Oh, hi Midorikawa-kun~" Hiroto smiled, turning round and flashing his dazzling grin at Midorikawa, making the greenette melt.

"I j-just wanted t-to ask you...d-do you want t-to m-maybe g-go t-to town with me?" Midorikawa stuttered, feeling his cheeks burn

"Sure, that sounds fun!" Hiroto replied happily. Midorikawa was quite amazed - Hiroto was acting so cool about it, when he was blushing and stuttering constantly

"Come on, let's go!~" Hiroto cried, jumping up and grabbing Midorikawa's arm and running out of the orphanage "We'll miss the bus if we don't hurry!" And with that Hiroto picked up the pace, draggind Midorikawa behind him. The two boys reached the bus stop just in time and jumped onto the bus heading for Inazuma Town.

"So why exactly did you invite me to town out of the blue?" Hiroto asked the greenette on the bus

"W-well, I thought it would be fun" Midorikawa quickly claimed

"Okay then, what d'you wanna do first?" Hiroto then asked, looking out of the window towards the town

"How about a movie?" Midorikawa suggested

"Sure" Hiroto agreed "I think they're showing Lion King in about an hour"

"I love that movie!~" Midorikawa smiled, then blushed out of embarrasement for liking a kid's movie

"Me too" Hiroto smiled "Let's go, here's our stop"

The two boys clambered out of the bus and made their was to the cinema. They both chatted happily on the way, and before they knew it they were nearly there. The two turned a corner and began to walk down the street. Suddenly, a car lost control and came flying their way - straight towards Midorikawa! "Midorikawa!" Hiroto screamed, running in front of him and pushing him out of the way. Midorikawa had his eyes shut tight, and when he opened them he was on the floor, his left arm and right knee bleeding a bit.

"Hiroto?" Midorikawa cried desperately "Hiroto?! Are you okay?!"

"Y-yeah I'm okay" Hiroto's voice replied from somewhere behind him. Midorikawa turned round and sighed in relief when he saw Hiroto on the floor a little way away

"Hiroto!" Midorikawa cried. He ran over to Hiroto but couldn't help but cry when he saw him. Hiroto's arm was bleeding badly and looked broken, but Hiroto didn't seem to care at all.

"How about you? You're bleeding! Are you okay?" Hiroto asked Midorikawa, causing the greenette to cry harder "Midorikawa! Where does it hurt?"

"No" Midorikawa replied, shaking his head "I'm crying because you got hurt just to protect me!"

"No problem" Hiroto smiled "Now I say we go find a hospital instead of sitting in the middle of the road like out-of-water fish"

"I agree" Midorikawa nodded, and they both got up and walked to the Inazuma General Hospital.

Hiroto: Even in my birthday fanfic, you still make me suffer!

Mika: Eheheheh, sorry about that~ ^^

Midorikawa: Why, oh, why do you always pair me and Hiroto up?

Mika: Cuz you two are SO CUTE!!! -^^-

Midorikawa & Hiroto: -.-

Mika: Anyway, just to tell you I've started doing other pairings too~

Hiroto: What pairings?

Mika: Burn and Gazelle, Midorikawa and Kazamaru, Endou and Hiroto and some more~

Candy: Do you only write yaoi fics?

Mika: Nope, I'll do a few boy-girl pairings soon and also when I get bored, I might do a random yuri one.

Angel: Let's just stop this chapter now, it's getting kinda weird

Mika: Yeah, bye minna~


Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 12:46, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

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