Hiya guys~ This is a multi-chapter fanfic about the IE characters and how they celebrate their birthdays!

This fanfic is dedicated to my older sister~

Happy 17th Birthday, Kelsea! I hope you have an immense birthday!

Chapter One - Happy Birthday, Hiroto!

"Gaaah!" Midorikawa yelped as he was seized by the arm and dragged upstairs by Ulvida.

"What the hell!" He screamed as Ulvida threw him into her room and locked them both in

"Sorry about that, Ryuuji" Ulvida apologized "But there's something important going on tomorrow!"

"And what would that be?" Midorikawa asked, rubbing his arm

"What's the date today?~" Ulvida asked, though she knew already

"October 22nd" Midorikawa replied, quite confused over what was going on

"And what date is tommorrow?~" Ulvida continued, waiting for the greenette to cotton on

"October 23rd..." Midorikawa replied, then he caught on "Wait...October 23rd...IS HIROTO'S BIRTHDAY!!"

"Thank you!" Ulvida groaned "Now, me, you, Hitomiko, Saginuma, Endou and everyone else in Inazuma Japan and Sun Garden are planning a party for him~"

"But we've only got a few hours!" Midorikawa cried "And how are we gonna plan Hiroto's party when he's still here!"

"That's where you come in" Ulvida replied "You're gonna take him out to town, have dinner in a resteraunt, then you're gonna go to a hotel and stay the night!"

"WHAT?!" Midorikawa cried "Going out with Hiroto, having dinner with him, then going to a hotel with him?!"

"Yes" Ulvida replied "And you'll do it wether you like it or not!"

Going out with Hiroto. Why does it sound so appealing? Midorikawa thought

There's chapter one part 1 done~ Hope you enjoyed! Please comment~

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