Hi minna! I'm Loretta, a fanfic writer~ I'm now offering to have people and/or their OCs as guest stars in my fanfics!!

For OCs - Type in their name and/or nickname in the comments. Type in age. Type in their personality. Type in their crush (optional). Type in appearance. Type in OC/character friends.

For you - Type in your name and/or nickname. Type in age. Type in personality. Type in your crush (optional). Type in relationships with characters or OCs (optional). Type in girlfriend/boyfriend characters/OCs. Type in dislikes of characters/OCs (optional). Type in appearance. Type in OC/character friends.

For friends - I'm also accepting people to ask for their friends to join them. Type in exactly the same as you did for you.

Also if you want to, you can have likes, dislikes or rivalry to my characters - Livi, Candy, Angel, Jayke, Ace, Jocelyn, Mika, Chani, Sakura. (Sorry if I forgot any of them)

Beleiving you are wind, written in the stars forever, soaring together forever more... 16:43, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

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