Go-On Union Alieas (Alius RPM Union in Power Rangers)

Go-On Union Alieas symbol

was the combination of Engine Sentai Go-Onger and Chaos after Samuel protecting Nagumo/Claude and Fuusuke/Bryce from Gran's attack. Gazel decline Gran about Samuel by breaking his arm. Samuel eventually crush on Fuusuke after his arm was broken. Fuusuke said Go-Onger and Chaos to join force and defeat Kiyama/Xavier by combined team. After Samuel's Hyper Saiyan 2 is wore off and battle, Hiroto and Miu leaves with their Engines. Samuel meeting his Kira's recarnation Kiyama and join forcing to combine Go-On Union Alieas G12.


  • Samuel Joo (current)


  • Sam Puckett
  • Peter Griffin
  • Hanto Jo
  • Gunpei Ishihara
  • Terumi Afuro
  • Hiroto Suto (formerly)
  • Miu Suto (formerly)
  • Nagumo Haruya
  • Fuusuke Suzuno
  • Touchi IQ (also TQ)


  • Mantan Blaster (Go-OnRed's common attack)
  • Super Speedway Slash (Go-OnRed's finishing attack)
  • Angry Slashing Blast (Go-OnRed's finishing attack)
  • Super Mantan Blaster (Super Go-OnRed's common attack)
  • Racing Bullet (Go-OnYellow's common attack)
  • Garage Blaster (Go-OnBlue's common attack)
  • Bridge Axe (Go-OnGreen's common attack)
  • Cowl Laser (Go-OnBlack's common attack)
  • Rocket Dagger (Go-OnGold and Go-OnSilver's common attack)
  • Fire Charge (Nagumo's common attack)
  • Blizzard Charge (Fuusuke's common attack)


  • In RPM, the team is not used for Gem and Gemma, because they leaving for a adventure with their Zords until United Army RPM 12.

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