Garesu during an omake

Garesu formation CS and Galaxy

Garesu in formations in the Chrono Stone and Galaxy anime.

Garesu Nonosuke
(ガレス ののすけ Garesu Nonosuke) is a fanmade character in the Inazuma Eleven universe. He usually dons the numbers 5 or 37 jerseys of the team he plays for, when playing. He is currently captain of EXO, and plays as a Defender.
Garesu Nonosuke

Dub Name

Gareth Seacrest


EXO/ Raimon (Chrono Stone)/ Infinity




5 (EXO, Infinity)/ 37 (Raimon)


Defender/ Midfielder

Voiced By

Miyano Mamoru (Japanese), Brad Swaile (English)


Garesu in Raimon (GO)


Inazuma Eleven Stars

"This speedy but calm Defender has earned himself the nickname 'Lightning Wall' because of his speed and defense!"

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Normal Form:

"The Ex-Captain of another team. He still has a few regrets about joining Raimon.."

Dark Form:

"The evil's made him turn a complete 180. His plays've gotten better, though."

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

"A member of Project Exodus, Garesu's plays've improved since uniting with his darkness."


Garesu has dark brown hair, with little red 'horn'-like bits of hair at the sides of his head. His eyes are brown. In his first appearence, he is seen wearing the Shibuya High Upper School uniform. Later, he is seen wearing the dark gray and silver uniform of his team, EXO, along with the black captain's band of the team.

As Dark Garesu, his horns go up, resembling devil horns, and his eyes become red. Other than that, he doesn't change that much.

Through the one of the omake, it's revealed that the 'horns' are detachable. He's also seen wearing his casual outfit, which is a silver-and-red shirt and grey shorts.


Garesu in the Chrono Stone game

Garesu playing for EXO

Garesu playing for EXO

Evil Garesu

Dark!Garesu's avatar


Garesu in his casual outfit


Garesu, in his first appearence, is calm and quiet, not saying anything as he walks around the corridors of the school.

When playing soccer, Garesu suddenly becomes quite hard working, although he does get a little bit smug if he notices he has the upper hand in a game.

As Dark Garesu, he becomes extremely smug and arrogent, his style of playing becoming rough and violent.


Normal (EXO) Form

[DF] Deep Mist

[DF] Hunter's Net

[OF] Presto Turn

[DF] Flash Wall

Infinity (Evil!Garesu) Form

[DF] Flash Wall

[OF] Decoy Release

[OF] Britannia Cross

[SH] Eternal Blizzard

Raimon Form

[DF] Flash Wall

[DF] Hunter's Net

[OF] Presto Turn

[OF] Soyokaze Step


Hikari no Senshi, Richard Lionheart

Mixi Max

[MIMAX] Sir Gareth (Normal Garesu)

[MIMAX] Ivan the Terrible (Dark Garesu)

[MIMAX] Dark Garesu (Normal Garesu)


[SOUL] Flamey

Plot (Chibi Omake)

His chibi self is seen bothering Chibi Keeve, and is shown to be not-quite-as serious as his real self. It's unknown if he and Chibi Keeve are as close as they are in the main EXO series.


  • His dub name, Gareth, is a direct translation of his first name, Garesu.
  • This turns out to actually be his first name. (Gareth)
  • His name's written in western order because of the fact he's actually English.
  • In the games, he'd be a Big Bang exclusive character, with Tachibana Kengou in his place in Supernova.
  • Feel free to add him to any stories.. Just tell me first, alright?
  • He has a character song called 'Idomu Unmei!'
  • The person he's set to be Mixi Maxed with, Sir Gareth, has the same name as him. (Garesu/Gareth)
  • He is currently set to have three Mixi-Maxes (Two as himself, one as his dark self.)
  • He can technically be obtained by Mixi Maxing Ichino with Shindou, using Shindou's aura, however, the Mixi Trans won't have the same hissatsu as Garesu, because of Flash Wall being custom.
  • His original design had darker eyes and darker hair, and no red horns.
    Garesu chara select

    Avatar in Strikers 2013

    Gareth Ichino

    Garesu's original design

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