Galactica Flame is a fanmade Keshin made by Piper and used by Rese Hanikamiya. It wields the element of Fire; contrasting to its counterpart, Ice-Wind Warrior

Galactica Flame


Rese Hanikamiya



Keshin Hissatsu:

Blaze War [KH]

Dub Name:

Flame Galaxy

Info and Appearance

Rese Hanikamiya's Keshin. It wields the element of Fire. This Keshin contains many shades of red, from dark, to light. It has yellow (which gradually gets darker until it reaches the fur) colored "horns" which emit electricity, and conducts flames. Its claws also emit fire It looks somewhat like a beast, it has blue colered eyes.

Galactica Flame

The Keshin

(For more info, see the picture)


As soon as the user gains possession of the ball, he/she stops in the middle of running; steps on the ground and calls out the Keshin. As the user's aura and power fuses with the Keshin's spirit, the Keshin appears, from the smoke of the flames surrounding the user. The user points towards the goal and follows be the Keshin howling. The user prepares to use the Keshin Hisstasu.


(Will put up soon)

Keshin Armed/Mixi Max

The Keshin doesn't have an armor, but it may be Mixi Maxed with the user, which may also be classified as an armor.

It was first discovered when Clark Wonderbot accidentally pointed and shot the Mixi Max gun to Rese and her Keshin, thus it became a result of a Mixi Max/Keshin Armor.

Galactica flame

Rese with her Keshin Armor/Mixi Max with the Keshin

Keshin Hissatsu


  • Since Rese has 2 elements; she has 2 Keshin.
  • Ice-Wind Warrior is this Keshin's counterpart.
  • Rese can do a Keshin Fusion by herself, due to her 2 Keshin.
  • Galactica Flame's Keshin Armor/Mixi Max came before Ice-Wind Warrior's.

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