Fuyu Yuki
Fuyu Yuki (English: Winter Snow/Luck) is a hissatsu used by Izayoi Chani, Kiyama Sakura and Izayoi Mika, made by me. Sakura invented it, but Mika and Chani created their own version's of it. Mika doesn't use it much, and neither does Chani but Sakura uses it as her main hissatsu


The user stands still and kicks the ball up so it's level with her face. She then headers the ball up into the sky and jumps up to it. She does a backflip, bringing the ball with her, and in mid spin some light pink, blue and purple snow will follow the ball. She then kicks the ball and the snow trails after it, shimmering and dancing around. Stars appear in the trail, powering it up. She runs below the ball, jumps then kicks it again and it flys towards the goal, and hopefully, into it.


  • This hissatsu is made fully by me.
  • Feel free to use it, but please ask first!
  • Sorry about the rubbish soccer ball in the pic, I can't draw them XD
  • The hissatsu is quite a feminine one, so the user is generally a girl.
  • Mika uses the light blue version.
  • Chani uses the light purple version.
  • Sakura uses the official rainbow version (the version in the picture).

HirotoObsessedFangirlXD 18:10, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

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