Hey Guys! Another RP Fanfic! This One Is Beteween Me And My Friend Liz This Is Gonna Be A Multi-Chapter Fanfic.Also This Might Contain Some Language Later On.So Far We Have 3 Or 4 Chapters Planned Out.Anyways I Hope You Guys Enjoy This Fanfic!

Chapter 1:The Adventure

Prowers:*Wakes Up* "Ahh! Time To Go Practice!" *Runs To The Bathroom And Gets Ready And Goes Back To Her Room And Gets New Clothes* "Grandpa! Im Going Outside To The Park Now!

Grandfather:"Okay Kiddo! Becarefull!"

Prowers:"Okay!" *Grabs A Purple-White Hoverboard With A Bag And Goes Outside*

Prowers:*Gets On The Hoverboard And Presses A Red Button And Glides To The Park* "I Wonder If Liz Is There.."

Prowers:*Arrives At The Park And Sees Liz* "Hey Liz!" She Shouted At Elizabeth.*Goes To Elizabeth*

Liz:"Hey! Prowers Your Here! Ready For Practice?"

Prowers:"You Bet!" *Puts Down Hoverboard*

Liz:"Still Got That Thing With You?"

Prowers:"Haha Very Funny Liz,This Was For My 5th Birthday Remember?"

Liz:"Okay Okay! Lets Get To Practice!" *Grabs A Silver Soccer Ball With A Purple Stripe And A Pink Lightning On It.*

Prowers:"Lets Practice Shots First"

Liz:"Woah Woah Woah Wait...Wheres Zack?"

Prowers:"He Called Me Yesterday.Said He Has To Go To Some Trip With His Famaliy"

Liz:"How Long?"

Prowers:"After Tomorrow He Will Come Back."

Liz:"Just As School Vacation Is Here Hes Off To A Vacation!"

Prowers:"Anyways,lets Start.IL Go First"


Prowers:*Hits The Ball To A Wall And It Bounces Of To Her Feet And She Grabs It With Her Feet*

Liz:"My Turn!" *Does The Same Thing"

Prowers:"Okay Then!"

Liz:"How About Some Dribbles Over Those Trees?"


Liz:"Il Go First"

Prowers:Be My Guess"

Liz:*Dribbles Through Some Trees* "Your Turn!" *Passes The Ball At Prowers*

Prowers:*Dribbles Through Some Trees* "Easy"

Then The Clouds Turn Dark

Liz:"Hey Lets Go! Its Gonna Rain Soon!"


Prowers Grabbed Her Hoverboard.As She Was Almost Passed Lizs House,It Rained And Her Hoverboard Shourted Out*

Prowers:"Oh No!"

Liz:"Huh? Looks Like Your Hoverboard Is Broken.But I Can Fix It"

Prowers:"You Sure? I Can Fix It My Self."

Liz:"Yeah Im Sure Come On Come Inside!"

Prowers:*Goes In Elizabeth's House* "Wow! Nice House!"

Liz:"Hihihi Thanks!come On,Lets Go To My Room!" *Leades To Her Room*

Prowers:*Follows Liz Into Her Room And Goes Inside And Shuts The Door*

Liz:"Can I See The Hoverboard Please?"

Prowers:"Sure" *Gives Hoverboard To Liz*

Liz:*Puts Hoverboard On A Table And Begins To Fix it*

Few Minutes Later...


Prowers:"Cool! Thanks"

Liz:"No Problem! Say....Wanna Start A Team?"

Prlwers:"Yeah! Il Ask Zack Too!"


The End

Sorry If It Sucked...I Was Busy Btw Im Starting A New Team So OCs Are Welcomed :3 Feel Free To Join!

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