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Name:Futuri Karumenu Dub name:Pandora wiz Position: MF Element: wind Number: 5 Team:Kirogi Senbatsu


Name : Futuri Karumenu

Dub name : Pandora Wiz

Position : MF

Element : Wind

Number : 5

Team : Kirogi Senbatsu

Gender : Female


She has blue curled hair in two pigtales. Her eyes are lightning and glows like stars.

She wears a black shirt and a wite skirt. The call her Miss Misery from her magical eyes.

Her home is in the everfree forest. She's got a special pet: The Silver Cat.

Her hisatsu's are: Heavenfly Break, The Shutterfly, Butterfly Dream (blue), Nightmare Night G8

and Glitterfly oracle. Her avatar is a mighty version of nightmare moon.

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