'Forbidden Fruit Is So Much Sweeter' is a one-shot fanic about GranXReize. It is set during the Aliea Academy arc, after Gemini Storm were disqualified from the Genesis title running.


Gran and Reize collide in the hall of the Aliea base and Gran gets hurt. Reize says it's his fault but Gran insists that it wasn't Reize's fault at all. Reize then notices that Gran got hurt when they fell and takes care of him. After a while, their feelings for each other begin to blossom...


Kiyama Hiroto - Gran, Hiroto (to Reize) Midorikawa Ryuuji - Reize, Ryuuji (to Gran)


  • This is a yaoi fanfic if you can't tell! Don't like? - Don't read!
  • There is some bad language in this fanfic so beware!
  • I got the idea from the fanfic 'Comfort' by Garfakcy-chan from

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