This is the Hissatsu that Noah & Rese uses.


This Hissatsu involves Noah kicking the ball into a tunnel of wind that he creates (like Kirikaze V2). Then, Rese enters the tunnel of wind & kick the ball with a flaming kick, sending the ball to the goal while making the tunnel of wind into a tunnel of flaming wind.

Info & Usage


  1. Noah kicks the ball, with power and speed.
  2. A huge tornado follows the kicked ball, creating a tunnel of wind.
  3. Rese runs after the ball and enters the tunnel that was formed.
  4. Rese kicks the ball, with flames, much similar to Fire Strike.
  5. The tornado of wind becomes a tornado of fire.
  6. The tornado heads for the goal.
  7. "Flare....
  8. TUNNEL!!"


This technique is similar to Fire Tornado; however, Noah creates the wind tornado, and Rese kicks it with flames.


  1. When this Hissatsu's debut, the song Hajimari no Sora was played as the BGM.
  2. This Hissatsu was performed by fanmade characters.

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