Feather Dance is a keshin hissatsu in my fanfic: The Generation Battle


  • Matsukaze Tenma


  • Wind Element
  • Offense Hissatsu or Defense Hissatsu
  • Needs a keshin to be performed (hence, it's a keshin hissatsu)


First the user goes straight forward then it suddenly becomes slow then feathers surround the enemy and the user dashes off while the enemy is still under the feathers.


Matsukaze uses this is the later chapters of my fanfic to dodge some opponents by unleashing his keshin first then he uses the hissatsu to dash through opponents. His skill in avoiding opponents as being a midfielder has become faster and greater. \


This fanmade hissatsu is made by: AdventureWriter28 --♪AdventureWriter28♪ ♪(Fortissimo|Maestro)♪ 09:42, August 12, 2011 (UTC)


This is NOT for adoption.

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