This is a team that that resides in Magnolia City, a parallel world of a different time in Inazuma 11: Chrono Breaker. This team is a optional team that the player can fight. Also, the team's character are like soccer world-version of Fairy Tail's characters.



  • Natsu Dragoneel
  • Erza Scarlet (Captain)
  • Gray Fullbuster



  • Lucy Heartfillia


  • Elfman



  • Fire Dragon Shoot (Natsu)
  • Ice Road (Gray)
  • Heavenly: Sword Circle (Erza)


  • Ice Prison (Gray)
  • Fleeting: Thievery Snatch (Erza)


  • Gate of Zodiac (Lucy)


  • Beast Soul: Catch (Elfman)



  • Thousand Armor Knight (Erza)

[KH Armor]

  • Armor of a Thousand (Erza)


  1. This Team is completely based on Fairy Tail characters.

—Preceding unsigned article creation added by Chong Kah How (talkcontribs)

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