'Fōrun· Sutā' is a multi-chapter yaoi fanfic. This is my first Hiroto ♥ Endou fanfic (my favorite pairing~) so it may not be very good.

DISCLAIMER - I don't own Inazuma Eleven, Hiroto, Endou, any of the characters or any songs that may be referred to, mentioned or used in this fanfic.

WARNING - Possible language, blood, and character injury and pain.

'Fōrun· sutā' is Japanese for 'A Fallen Star'

Chapter One - A Fallen Enemy

"WE DID IT!" Endou yelled happily "WE BEAT ALIEA!"

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!" the entire team sang. They were too busy celebrating to notice the Genesis' mortified and devestated faces. They didn't notice Gran trembling in fear as two of Kenzaki's henchmen approached him and violently seized him

"Gran!" Ulvida cried "Please, let me take the punishment for you - you don't deserve this!"

"It's okay, Ulvida" Gran said, forcing a fake smile "I've failed all of you, I deserve to be punished..."

"Gran!" Ulvida screamed as the men dragged him away "GRAN!"

            • Time-skip*******

After the victory over the Genesis, Endou decided to walk home on his own. Hitomiko had said she had something to attemd to, so she left. Gouenji, Kidou and Fubuki had walked home together. Rika, Ichinose and Touko had gone out for a celebratory dinner. Tsunami, Tachimukai, Kogure, and Haruna had all gone out to some disco to celebrate. And everyone else had gone home. Endou wandered down the empty streets, kicking an empty Coca Cola can around. He decided to take a short cut through some alleyways to get home quicker, and set off at a run through the alleyways.

After a few minutes of walking, Endou heard some voices from somewhere around a corner. He listened in to what they were saying, and was slightly shocked at what he heard

"You have failed the orginization!" someone, it sounded like a man, was scolding

"I-I'm sorry" another voice replied fearfully, Endou thought he recognized the voice

"Sorry ain't gonna cut it, kid" yet another voice replied "Can we kick his ass yet, Kenzaki?"

"Be my guests" the older man replied. He could her footsteps and the sound of someone being brutally attacked. They were whimpering, groaning and yelping in agony as they were attacked continuassly.

"I think he's dead" the older man stated "Let's go". With that, Endou heard the men running away. He quickly ran round the corner to investigate - and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw.

There was blood painting the entire alleyway, and there was a badly beat-up boy sprawled in the middle of the path. But what Endou realized next shocked him even more -

It was Gran.

To Be Continued...

The results of my boredom~

I hope you enjoyed!

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