Eternal Gale (エターナルゲール) is a shoot Hissatsu in the Rekindled Memories AU fanverse.



The first user, one who is very light and speedy, 'summons' a wind storm, and then rises slowly from the group with the ball. Meanwhile his/her partner prepares a synchronized timing from below.

Once the first user's height is enough, and the wind has gathered enough speed, he kicks the ball in a slanting angle towards the ground before the wind curves the direction of the ball towards the goal. The second user follows the ball and adds power with a kick, sending it flying to the goal.

Finally, the goalkeeper is faced with the trouble of keeping his stance and sight clear and firm as the wind swiftly changed direction around him.


  • The only time it has been used was during a practice match between Umi no Tenshi and Raimon.
  • Megumi and Seijitsu Makoto are the only known users of the move.


RK category

Signature and Ownership

This fanmade character/hissatsu/team/school is the sole ownership of ℛaizza ℰclipse, using pen names such as RaiShuuya10, RaiEclipse10, Raizza Eclipse and R. N. Shimono, and SugoiShuuya, fanfiction user by the pen name(s) of Rie and ℜie ℭaroline.

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