Epsilon G is a fanmade team by me,Let my cold wind flow in your heart 21:39, April 5, 2012 (UTC)


When Epsilon and Gemini Storm were both defeated by Raimon,they wanted to be again in the challenge for the Genesis title.They joined forces,and were able to defeat Chaos.They had a challenge with Gaia,wich ended in a tie, it is unknown who now has the title Genesis,mostly because Alius was stopped.


GK:1.Desarm (Co-Captain)


2.Fadora 3.Titan 4.Kenvi


5.Kaison 6.Crypto 7.Pandora 8.Grengo


9.Zell 10.Reize (Captain) 11.Diam


  • The G in Epsilon G means three things: Gamma, Genesis and Gemini.
  • Altough this team is made of Aliens,they can use the moves they did'nt had as alien.
  • Altough Desarm appeared in a stronger team then Reize, Reize is the Captain and Desarm the Co-Captain.
  • You can use this team but only with permission,ask me on my Talk Page.

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