"WE WON THE FOOTBALL FRONTEIR!!!!!!!" Endou cheered again, a broad grin on his face. Even though he had said it a million times, the team were still shocked and cheered and clapped in happiness.

"Does he ever shut up?" complained Natsumi angrily, sitting back in her seat between Aki and Haruna.

"Oh come on, Natsumi-san!" cried Haruna, who was enthusuastic as always "We just won the Football Frontier! Kick back and have some fun for a while!"

"Haruna-chan's right" Aki chimed in "Relax a little, we can finally stop worrying about matches for some time and just hang out!" Aki and Haruna giggled when Natsumi's glare softened and her frown curled into a smile

"I guess you're right" she smiled "I suggest a celebration party!"

"YAAAAAYYYYY!" all the boys screamed, jumping and laughing at the thought of finally being able to kick back and have a party!

"We can have it at my house!" Endou announced, his grin widening "I'll ask Mom to make some of her yummy meat-and-potatoes!"

"YAAAAAYYYYY!" everyone cheered again. Endou's Mom could be bossy at times but they had to admit - her meat-and-potatoe dish was amazing!

"Hey, what's that?" Kazemaru suddenly asked, gazing out of the window. Everyone else looked to, and screamed in horror.


To be continued...

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