Yusei Yuki
First appearance Not yet
Created by [Aqil Yaafi]
Voiced by Junko Takeuchi
MAKO (child)
Team/s Inazuma KFC (coach)
Neo Japan (formerly)
Inazuma Japan (temporary)
Element Depends on Expression
Number 23
Position GK
Full Names Endou Yuki
Yousei Yuki
Japanese Name 円堂 雪 (Endō Yuki)
妖精 雪 (Yōsei Yuki)
English Name Crono 'snow' Evans
Thunder 'snow' Yusei
Nickname/s Baka-san
Lord of the Dark and Light of the Underworld
Lord Ma-jin-ō
Age 13
13 (technically 23 due to cursed as a Avatar)
Birthdate 31, May
Birthplace Underworld, ???
Nationality Underworld (King)
International (Seven Members of the Monk Council)
Notable Relatives Endō Mamoru (cousin)
Yōsei Shisseki (brother)
Family Endō Mamoru (cousin)
Yōsei Shisseki (brother)
Majin Masutā (father)
Yōsei Kuīn (mother)
School/Class Raimon, class : High-school (due to cleverness)
Bushido Gakuen, class : EXZS

"You know what am I ?, Myself is a idiot, and I'm a idiot who gonna decides the fates of all creature in this whole thingy universe !, I'm a idiot who hides all of the innocent from the unrighteous, I'm a idiot who will protect the dark in a room full of lights, I'm the one who will stands up a billions times after falls to protect my friends, I'll protect it !, no matter what happen believe it !, A Brave Ally to friends, A Nightmare to one who harm my friends !!!"


He has black hair resemble to Endou Kanon, tanned skin, and black eyes. When he was in Ma-jin-o (dub : Majin King) form, he's eyes color changed to orange, while when he was in Sunofeari (dub : Snow Angel) form, he's eyes color changed to green, in GO, he's hair grown to spiky hair which makes him realy struggles every times he take off he's headband because of he's long spiky back hair

Like Mamoru, and Kanon, he also wears a headband, but in red color, which later used by Kanon. In GO he's wears a orange-red headband, and google (doesn't use it), He mainly uses Inazuma Japan GK outfit until change he's position into FW, while in GO, he wears orange stripped white coat.


He has a three split personality, first was he's Ma-jin-o form has a unforgiveable personality, when Yuki eats, he usually use he's Ma-jin-o form because of he's Ma-jin-o form was never have a full stomach, while when in emergency, he was usually use he's Sunofeari form because of he's clever and calm attidute, while the third personality was he's real form, he has a carefree, reckless nature and is a fiercely loyal and protective to he's friends, he believe everyone even his enemies has a heart, except for Kabeyama for eating he's super spicy foods, because of this attidute, he was often called 'Baka-san'




"So what if i the Majin King on the underworld ! I'm a human being, idiots!"

"They call me Ma-jin-o, now I'm a 'Snow Fairy', nasty... "


"You have to lie to keep moving, wise words..., I wonder what that means?"


  • You can freely use this OC, but please tell me first
  • Yuki was actually means snow, he's real family was Fairy, which he's pun was Snow Fairy, despites to he's later hissatsus

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