Elite consist of a few range:

  • Elite Jun. High (the school's name)
  • Elite Soccer Club (the school's soccer club)
  • Elite Soccer (the touring team)
  • Elite Japan (the international team)

Elite History

Elite's name come from a game. The game consist of three level; Armature, Professional and Elite. Since Elite is the highest rank, the school is named Elite.

Elite Player


  1. Cream Ookizawa (Captain) FW
  2. Curry Ookizawa RW
  3. Curryn Ookizawa LW
  4. Tegane Minku FW
  5. Roman Hitsuda DF
  6. Hanano Kimi MF
  7. Sumato Ryo (he's formerly from Grand Jun. High but later becomes a permanent in Elite) MF
  8. Sorato Shiki GK
  9. Bokura Hitto DF
  10. Kawagishi Ro DF
  11. Tsubame Hiirigi MF

Elite Soccer (new member only)

  1. Yukii Foruda FW
  2. Yamakishi Dai GK
  3. Himeka Royale DF

Elite Manager

Elite Japan

Original Player

  1. Marc Anthony (captain)
  2. Sumato Ryo
  3. Tegane Minku
  4. Roman Hitsuda
  5. Himeka Royale
  6. Atsuka Hiiragi

Elite Gallery

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