Dark Ritual (ダークリチュアル) is a Hissatsu Tactic in the Inazuma Eleven universe performed by all teams possessed by the "Yami no koa" (Core of Darkness).



Five Players surround the Player having the ball. They start to run across each other so that their Route forms a five-pointed star. The Players get faster and faster, so that the Opponent has no chance to get out of the star. The Route begans to burn in deep purple Flames. A few seconds later a deep purple skined demon with red eyes, wild black Hair and dark brown horns on his forehead. At that moment all five players slide tackle the opponent and the demon begans to laugh. So the opponent goes down and maybe is injured at his leg, while the Players get in possession of the ball.


  • That Tactic is not only dangerous to the opponents health, but also the players using it get exhausted and their darkness in their hearts is growing.
  • The tactic has a high foul rating, so that it usually isn't used in Tournaments.


Ozora Tsubasa 14:25, August 11, 2011 (UTC)

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